Coconino Stage Bikepack


For 2014, we will be meeting on Friday, October 10 at 7:00am in Flagstaff, downtown at ‘The Place’ (21 S Milton Rd). We eat a big greasy breakfast, chat a bit and then we ride! The actual starting time for the first stage (and every stage) is open-ended.

The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is pretty darn technical, and about 33k of climbing. The route is: Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus Mountain-Williams-Flagstaff. Those that have never ridden in this area, you are in for a treat!

Live tracking link:

Carrying a SPOT tracker is optional. You can add your own SPOT to the tracking map, or rent a spot from at the following link:

The forum:

GPX: GPS and Cue Sheets can all be found here.

For help uploading the track to your GPS see TopoFusion’s uploading tutorial.

Please note: it is very important that you upload both the GPS track (line) AND the waypoint file. The waypoints define where stages start and end, as well as help everyone regroup at the end of each stage. route description

Self Supported Stage Bikepacking

The Coconino 250 is a self supported stage bikepack. The usual rules for self-supported bikepacking apply (see AZT 300, CTR for examples), with one exception: there are locations on the route where stopping is allowed and as long as you are there, the ride clock is not ticking.

This makes the event into a quasi-stage ride. Riders may ride from one stopping location to another, then rest the night before the next ‘stage.’ However, stopping is not required at any of the points. The option of a non-stop ride is still open.

There are 4 stages, with 3 “stage stop” locations. The first two are camp sites, with no water or other services available (but fantastic views!). The third is the town of Williams, where most racers opt to share motel rooms. You can also camp on nearby national forest, if desired.

Each rider’s time will be computed as = the total time on course minus the total time spent in designated stopping locations. Because of this it is important that you carefully log your time in and time out. Bring a piece of paper to do this, and if you can collect a GPS track for backup, even better.

The idea is to promote camaraderie, lessen the physical ‘impact’ on participants, and also experiment with a new format.

The stage stops are marked as waypoints in the course GPX file and also denoted in RED on the cue sheets.


You can drool over some pictures on Scott’s website:

Please use the signup form below, and post in the forum if you plan on attending.


Comments, suggestions, heckling can all be made below. Or on the forum.

26 responses to “Coconino Stage Bikepack

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  2. Count me in for this one! This will be my first bikepacking event, and I’m stoked.

  3. The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is pretty darn technical, and about 33k of climbing. The route is: Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus Mountain-Williams-Flagstaff

  4. Anyone want to ride this the weekend prior? I will sadly be out of town the week of the race.

  5. I am very interested in this event but have not found a thread on I attempted to search for a thread on the site but came up empty, and the link above directs you to the 2013 event.

  6. I am looking forward to this race. It will be my first bikepaking event. I just bought all my gear this past week and bike bags are on the way. Look forward to meeting new people. Any words of wisdom feel free to reply.

    • Don’t bother with a stove. Bring all ready to eat food. Weight is at a premium and so is space, so I used tablets to purify water. My biggest issue on the Colorado Trail was that the altitude suriously dampened my appetite. Next time I do a trip I will be religious about consuming enough calories and fluids. It really would have helped my performance.

  7. I’m in for this race. I just paid for the SPOT tracking rental, then noticed the form still says 2013. Do I fill it out, or will it be updated to 2014 soon?

  8. What are people using for bikes? Typically I have used my standard bike packing setup which is a hard tail, but looking at the route, was thinking a full suspension would be better. Any advice would be great

  9. Singlespeed. Anything more just adds weight and complexity.

  10. Stumpy hardtail. I shouldn’t be the deciding factor this will be my 1st bikepacking event. Anyone that’s prepared to ride a single speed 250 miles in 4 days with 30,000 feet of climbing is in a league above me. I’m just a simpleton. Thinking to do an overnight trip in AZ trail this weekend if anyone is interested. Kind of a test run. Thinking from oracle to picket post but am open to suggestions

  11. I did the ride last year as my first bikepacking event albeit not too successfully. My bike then and now is a Specialized Rockhopper Expert 29ER. I bailed after day two as things were not going my way. On the start morning there was not a lot of consensus on where to begin the route due to lots of rain the previous days. Many riders wanted to avoid areas known to mud-up and turn into un-rideable goo. I started with the small contingent opting for the planned start in Flagstaff. After an hour or so I was trailing behind and when I veered from the route without fully comprehending it until much later. At the time I needed one pair of glasses for distance vision and another pair for close up vision and I was having great difficulty following the track on my Garmin 650. So I did some 10 miles on a semi-parallel track until it was painfully obvious that my track could not and would not rejoin ever re-join the correct trail. I had to backtrack all those miles. I ended day one about four miles short of Munds where I spent a very cold night. Day two started out better but I was way behind the planned route. When I descended down into Sedona I was looking for the day-one camp spot but never found it. Any better clues on finding that camp would be much appreciated! After a long day I reached the pavement just beyond Red Rock State Park at about dusk. I proceeded up a terrible totally un-rideable hike-a-bike in the fading light. That’s when my headlight began cutting out and shortly stopped working altogether. By the time I got to the start of Lime Kiln trail after that in-the-dark-total-HAB I was totally beat. That is when I decided to skip that Lime Kiln and ride the pavement directly into Cottonwood with plans get a hotel room and re-group on the next day. This meant about 12 miles of pavement in the dark without good light. About halfway to Cottonwood I flatted on the smooth pavement – go figure – no other flats! When I finally arrived in Cottonwood around 10:00 pm I found the town to be totally sold out of hotel rooms leaving me SOL with no energy for plan b! Then I knew for sure that I was done and I arranged a taxi ride some 50 miles back to Flagstaff where I could get a room and retreat back to my home the next day. I am planning to give this ride another go this year – I have been training hard and believe I am in better shape for this time around and I do have much better glasses now so will see what I can accomplish this time. I have no ambitions of pacing with the faster riders though.

  12. I just updated the tracking signup (linked on this page) for 2014. We have a better system this year. Chris — I will contact you about your 2013 registration.

    Ben — there is a new thread for 2014 Coco on

    I’m hoping to make this year’s stage race, though a few things need to fall in place first. Coco is such a fun loop, and especially with the stage format, it’s fairly sustainable.

  13. Count me in for an ITT starting with the group on Oct. 10th! Looking forward to some new riding! Just paid my spot registration fee. I am coming down from Crested Butte, if anyone in the area or near durango needs a ride I am going to drive through there.

  14. Going to try to make the group start. Looking forward to the stage race format, and meeting some new people.

  15. I spoke with the manager of the Maverick Gas station, last stop before the Mingus push, she’ll have a fully stocked energy bar rack for us by race weekend.

  16. Count me in!

  17. I’m In.

    GeekonaBike = mike kunnecke

  18. If there are still slots available, I’m in. –Phil

  19. It’s kinda last minute but I plan to join. Got my Niner MCR fitted with some new bags made by Rouge Panda Designs here in Flag.

  20. See you all on Friday morning!!

    In regards to camp 1, if you reach the overlook where all the touristas hang out, you’ve gone too far. There’s a jeep road on the left that is the route, not Schnebly Hill rd, they parallel each other only the jeep road is higher, staying up on the ridge while Schnebly drops into Sedona. keep a close eye on your GPS and/or cue sheets. Camp 1 is not to be missed!!

  21. I’m in for the weekend. No tracker yet, I’ll keep looking around flagstaff. Anyone know a place that rents em? Just rode first stage last week. Beautiful out there right now. As per usual, it’s beat up by the cattle. See you Friday….

    Pete M

  22. This seems to always happen to Coco — rain preceding start date! The problem? Death mud on Anderson Mesa on the AZT, just south of Flagstaff.

    Unless anyone has any objections, let’s do the following: Same Flagstaff start. Detouring on Lake Mary Road is allowed for an ‘official’ finish, but no records can be set. We’ll make a note about the course change on the results.

    Anyone that ends up riding Anderson Mesa — bonus points!

    Anyone going for a record time (stage or thru) can always start Saturday. Matt Schiff managed a new record last year by waiting a day and doing Stages 1 and 2 together. This ride is more about a ~social bikepack race, and it’s been a bit of a shame to see it divided and splintered by Sedona starts and such. Better to stick with the plan and detour as needed.

  23. I registered my spot with trackleaders, how long does it take to show up on the race roster?

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  25. You’re up now. Thanks!

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