This is a big loop around Lake Pleasant – almost 60 miles. It will include some trail, some dirt roads and some other stuff. You may have to get slightly creative with routing on the north end of the lake – depending on lake levels. Same with riding along the Agua Fria. Could be “interesting” if the river is high.

December 1, 2018 – 7:30am

We are changing the start location from last year’s ride – to avoid the sand pit of death. We’ll be gathering in the Park and Ride in Anthem (Daisy Mountain Dr and N Parker Ct). Google Maps link here:¬†

Water is available at about 20 and 22 miles in – on the west side of Lake Pleasant. After that you can probably filter from the lake or the Agua Fria (unless it is dry).

The Course:
As always, it is HIGHLY recommended that you bring, and know how to use, a GPS for this race. There will be no maps or cue sheets.


Post ride:
Bring a chair, beverages, food, whatever. Hang out and watch the folks doing the longer routes come in. Spend some time getting to know the super cool people who share this strange compulsion to push themselves to their limits.


2 responses to “Pleasantville

  1. We’re only a couple of weeks away & lake levels are well below the 80% threshold for this route. Currently at 56.8% to capacity.

  2. I’m in, one day for weeks kids have no soccer!!

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