This is a big loop around Lake Pleasant – almost 60 miles. It will include some trail, some dirt roads and some other stuff. You may have to get slightly creative with routing on the north end of the lake – depending on lake levels. Same with riding along the Agua Fria. Could be “interesting” if the river is high.

December 7, 2019 – 7:30am

We are changing the start location from last year’s ride – to avoid the sand pit of death. We’ll be gathering in the Park and Ride in Anthem (Daisy Mountain Dr and N Parker Ct). Google Maps link here:

Water is available at about 18 and 20 miles in – on the west side of Lake Pleasant. After that you can probably filter from the lake or the Agua Fria (unless it is dry).

The Course:
As always, it is HIGHLY recommended that you bring, and know how to use, a GPS for this race. There will be no maps or cue sheets.


Note about the course – On the north side this route goes through a Bald Eagle habitat. Access is prohibited December 15-June 15. Please don’t do the route during that time. 


Post ride:
Bring a chair, beverages, food, whatever. Spend some time getting to know the super cool people who share this strange compulsion to push themselves to their limits.

Registration opens a month before the event. 


17 responses to “Pleasantville

  1. We’re only a couple of weeks away & lake levels are well below the 80% threshold for this route. Currently at 56.8% to capacity.

  2. I’m in, one day for weeks kids have no soccer!!

  3. I’m planning on coming up from Tucson for Pleasantville. I’m new to AES and am now quite sure what to expect but am looking forward to giving it a try.

    • Expect a VERY casual atmosphere. Expect a good long ride with some WTF sections (not many on this route). Expect to be able to carry all the food, water, and tools you’ll need to do almost 60 miles in some pretty remote areas. If you finish while someone is still there expect some clapping, an “attaboy”, and some sharing of snacks/drinks. Expect an adventure with some other crazy bikers who like to ride all day, then sit around talking about it afterwards. Expect to get hooked if you are one of those types.

  4. Typo, Not quite sure what to expect.

  5. John B., it’s a fun loop. Just be sure to have the route on your GPS and be able to navigate.

  6. I can only get the gpx track to load to the north side of the route/lake on my etrex 30. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Thanks for bringing that up. Looks like the track was over 19000 points. Many GPS units can not handle more than 10,000 points. I’ve simplified the track and uploaded version 2. Make sure you download Pleasantville_2018_v2.gpx. Also added waypoints for water to the track.

  7. Can someone send me the correct gpx file to drag into Garmin Express?
    I can’t seem to get it to download.

  8. If you did this last year, note that the start location has changed.

  9. Something came up for me. Damn. Please cancel my registration.

  10. Awesome day for a pretty fun ride. Nice to see everyone out there.

    We ended up with a pair of gloves in the back of our car. Anyone want to claim them?

  11. Tom Kendall, didn’t get your finish time. If you let me know I’ll get it in the results.

  12. Results are up. Although I am missing finish times for Jason and Tom

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