This is a big loop around Lake Pleasant – almost 60 miles. It will include some trail, some dirt roads and some other stuff. You may have to get slightly creative with routing on the north end of the lake – depending on lake levels. Same with riding along the Agua Fria. Could be “interesting” if the river is high.

December 3, 2022  7:30am

We’ll be hosted by the #1 Trail Angel of the Tour Divide (Kirsten of the famed Brush and Mountain Lodge) who now has a home in Anthem, AZ and is letting us stage the ride from her casa – 2307 West Desert Hills Drive, 85086.

Parking: fill her front yard. Then overflow parking along 23rd Ave. Let’s try to keep Desert Hills Dr. clear this year.

 Please bring a beverage & snacks to share for post-ride. Let’s show Kirsten how we roll here in AZ!!

Water is available at about 18 and 20 miles in – on the west side of Lake Pleasant. After that you can probably filter from the lake or the Agua Fria (unless it is dry).

The Course:
As always, it is HIGHLY recommended that you bring, and know how to use, a GPS for this race. There will be no maps or cue sheets.

Bonus: New for 2022 is a slight diversion (.3 miles down a dirt road) on the north side of the lake to to check out Solo Spring. Take a selfie at the spring and get a 20 minute bonus. Also, there is water behind that concrete wall – a couple of feet deep. Good for filtering if you are low.


Solo Spring cave

GPX here


Note about the course – On the north side this route goes through a Bald Eagle habitat. Access is prohibited December 15-June 15. Please don’t do the route during that time. 



7 responses to “Pleasantville

  1. Posted the registration.

  2. If you downloaded the track before 11/29, you should download again. There was a small, but significant change made yesterday.

  3. Billy-The-Kid McMillen

    I preroad the course last Friday starting in the afternoon. I arrived to White Bluffs on the Agua Fria in the dark and couldn’t find a path through the dense forest of 7’+ Cocklebur plants covering the entire area. After an hour I decided it best to turn around for the safety of my lady and I. I made a couple attempts to push through but it was so bad I thought it unwise. Hopefully you guys can find a path through in the daytime. Good luck!

    • that area is always “interesting”. Hopefully the cows will make a path through. Fortunately, that area is limited and you do eventually come out of it.

  4. FYI, there is a way through the cockleburs. – I basically did the route last Saturday. Try to stay as far north along the “shore” as you can then cut across when you see it open up in the center. At least that was my approach. I don’t know if there is a way to get through without getting covered in the things but it is possible to get through. I can see why trying to get through in the dark would be very, very difficult.

  5. Cocklebur time bonus??? Subtract 1 minute for each Cocklebur still on you at the finish!!

  6. Well, that was certainly an interesting way to end the year. Some good stories, anyway.

    Results are up, for the brave few who finished.

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