Tortolita 50

February 3, 2018 at 8:00 start. Park anywhere near Chad’s house.

Where: Chad’s house: 15185 N Triple Crown Pl

GPX here

If you did this route two years ago, it is the same route outlined here:

Chad’s House, Golder, Lower 50 year, Middle Gate (Cottonwoods), Cherry Tank, Char Gap to Edwin Road (water option at Edwin Rd/Oracle), North 40 to Dirt Road, Ridgeline, Wild Burro, Wild Mustang, Upper Javelina, Dove Mountain Blvd, backway to Moore (water option at park on Dove Mountain Blvd), Moore Rd, North Rancho Vistoso, Tangerine Rd, Innovation Market Drive, Catalina State Park ($3 entrance or Park Pass), 50-Year Trail, Golder, Chad’s House



Please use the following comment section below for heckling, comments or questions:


4 responses to “Tortolita 50

  1. Chad, what is the start time for Tortolita?

  2. Anyone carpooling from central Tucson by the UofA…would rather rideshare…I have one spot

  3. Chad, I didn’t pay for the tacos & beer but can give you cash in the morning. If you aren’t doing the tacos & beer I’ll bring extra beer & am happy to pitch in on any food.

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