Tortolita 50

Petroglyphs on the new route, Cochie Springs Rd

February 6, 2021 at 8:00 start.

Where: The old gas station on Golder Road and Oracle Road, southeast dirt lot where the GPX file starts. It is State Trust Land so you will need your permit displayed.

For $15, I will be making carne asada tacos, beans, guacamole, chips, Spanish rice at the start/end. I will also have free beer. (if you finish before me, you will have to wait a little for me to show up). Tacos have been canceled due to a family emergency. Refunds were sent. Please email me if you did not get yours via paypal. 

GPX here

Registration is open!


Registration is open!

Please use the following comment section below for heckling, comments or questions:

15 responses to “Tortolita 50

  1. Registration is open!

  2. Could we get the donation info for the post ride meal/beer posted here? I’m a dingbat and navigated away from the page and then couldn’t get logged into PayPal because it’s been like 7 years since I used it. I need me some of those post ride tacos…

  3. Are ITTs still accepted and what’s your opinion on doing it the weekend before/after race day?

  4. Travis Radevski

    Where do we get the permit for parking?

  5. Can I Venmo you?

  6. does the GPX link still work?

  7. I am having trouble with the GPX file as well.

  8. When I registered, I forgot to paypal the $15 donation like StevenP. Any chance I could get a link?

  9. Do I need to pre-position water or is there a way to fill up at Dove Mountain?

  10. We will see everyone Saturday. Due to a family emergency, I will not be there to make tacos. Refunds will be arriving later today if you paid.

    Max Morris will be leading the race this Saturday.

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