Tortolita 50

Petroglyphs on the new route, Cochie Springs Rd

February 1, 2020 at 8:00 start.

Where: The old gas station on Golder Road and Oracle Road, southeast dirt lot where the GPX file starts. It is State Trust Land so you will need your permit displayed.

For $15, I will be making carne asada tacos, beans, guacamole, chips, Spanish rice at the start/end. I will also have free beer. (if you finish before me, you will have to wait a little for me to show up).

GPX here for 2020 now available

If you did this route last year, it is a completely different route.

Registration is open!


Registration is open!

Please use the following comment section below for heckling, comments or questions:

7 responses to “Tortolita 50

  1. Hi Chad, how is the Wild Mustang Trail (westbound) between Wild Burro and Upper Javelina? More specifically does it have big HABs? With my MCL injury riding a bike has not been much of a problem so far, however walking/hiking is more of a concern.

    From near the resort I have HABed up to top of Upper Javelina and that was kinda brutal. I have not ridden Wild Mustang.

    • Yes, there are some HAB sections in there. I am pretty tech savvy and if I am rocking it, I can ride all but 2 sections. There is a notable HAB as soon as you pass Wild Burro/Lunch View and start heading up Wild Mustang. I would say there is 15 minutes of HAB in total depending on your riding skills.

  2. Christine Jeffrey

    What is the water situation on the course?

  3. Which direction will this route be ridden?

  4. This is a great route. I have ridden it but in different directions.

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