Tubac 50

February 6, 2016 9:00 am

We will be starting at the Chad’s house (address will be emailed to you upon registration)  The route will be connecting the Tortolitas and (upper) 50-year Trail. We will be having an optional post-ride party at my house (1/10 mile away form start) that will include a $15 donation for the (guaranteed) best carne asada tacos, Spanish rice and beans you have ever had.  I will be grilling and cooking, so if you beat me home, you will be drinking beer until I arrive. You can sign up below and make your reservation by paying via paypal/snail mail.

GPX now available!

Route is as follows:

Chad’s House
50 Year Trail
Cherry Tank (to Cherry Tank proper)
Char Gap
Edwin Rd (via short cut road after wash)
North 40
Goat Camp
Wild Mustang
Upper Javelina (shred those berms!)
Dove Mountain Rd
Moore Rd
Catalina State Park $3 Fee
50 Year Trail
Chad’s House



Please use the following comment section below for heckling, comments or questions:

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