TMP 50 – Results

Tor de 50 – 2016

Courtney Phillips 2:18
Justin Manring 3:55
Beth Utley 4:01
Jim Kirk 4:01
Max morris 4:05
Bret Parke 4:18
Tom Harant 4:18
Mike Mangan 4:29
Andy Stevenson 4:39
Stefan Richter 5:19
Eric Tittelbaugh 5:26
Mike Mills 5:26
Cassi Morelock 7:35
Carlos Resto 7:35
Hillary Mathis DNF
James Audia DNF
Jason White DNF
Mark Fuller DNF
Mark Torowus DNF
Paul Carbone DNF
Chad Kasmar DNF
Jerry Livernois DNF
Alex Gonzalez DNF
Ian Wilkey DNS
Jim DiDomenico DNS
Mary Reynolds DNS
Neal Helfman DNS
Neil Stitzer DNS
Participant Finish Time
Max Morris 1:54
Chad Brown 1:59
Jim Kirk 2:43
Mark Fuller 2:43
Aaron Trujillo 3:45
Erik Lantz 3:55
Mark McCrimmon 4:28
Duane Brown 4:59
Pascal Fortin 5:13
John Schilling 5:18
Mark Allen 5:45
Dave Burnet 6:25
Barry Richards 6:25
Rob Bauer 7:26
James Foulks DNF
Brian Mayenx DNF
Participant Hours on Course
Benji Kozuch 5:45
Max Morris 6:02
Tom Vial 6:26
Mark Allen 7:16
Rob Bauer 7:25
Stefan Richter 7:39
Jonathan Buchanan 8:23
Andrew Chatingy 8:57
Jeff Ziemski DNF
Chad Brown DNF
Nancy Gray DNF
Steve Boyle DNF


Name Finish Time (elapsed)
Scott Morris 4:58
Kurt Refsnider 5:07
Aaron McCombs 5:28
Neil Stitzer 5:31
Benji Kozuch 5:47
Daniel Matheny 6:36
Kirk Telaneus 6:36
Jim Kirk 6:51
Mitchell Clement 6:51
Jonathan Dufek 6:55
Jeff Ziemski (SS) 7:08
Nancy Gray (SS) 7:39
Chris Wilkinson 8:37
Steve Westberg (SS) 8:37
Mark Allen 8:48
Craig Tuttle 9:03
Lee Blackwell 9:03
Marshall Moore 9:06
Steve Rogers 9:10
Rob Bauer 9:40
Mike Marx 10:22
Mike Wilkjinson 10:22
Noel Garza 10:22
John Schilling 11:27
Seron Eaton 11:27

(?) – Rider missed some section? Send us a GPX or an email if this is an error. Other finishes (missed small portion of course):

Art Macfarland 5:24
Chris Grove 5:24
Rene Ortega 5:28
Ashley Oelschlaeger 5:36

Other Finishes (skipped 50 year side): Brian Cherry, Dave Woodhams, Dave Burnett, Mark Torowus, Nicette Quintero DNF: Andrew Crook, Arnaldo Nazario, Barry Richards, Chad Brown (broken pivot), Charles Wilson, david bullaro, Diana Yares, Daryll McKenzie, Ed La France, Erik Lantz, James Johnson, Jared Jorde, John Mount, John Mount, John Solomito, Mark Fuller, Ryan Hayles, Stefan Richter, Todd Rasmussen, Tyler McClellan, Wayne Tice.


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