Gila 100


Formerly the long course of the Antelope Peak Challenge, this event will be a point-2-point, 100-mile event on the Arizona Trail. We will be parking at Tiger Mine Rd  and starting at Picket Post. See below for shuttle options.

When: February 8-9 2020 at 5am from Picket Post

Shuttle Information: Please use the section below to work out a self-shuttle for this year. We are doing another ITT version of this race where those interested will form a shuttle and race.

The route: We will be riding 100-miles from Picket Post to Tiger Mine Rd on the Arizona Trail. The trail is marked (Arizona Trail the entire way). The estimated time of finishing this route is 12-26 hours.

GPX File



19 responses to “Gila 100

  1. Is the shuttle a possibility for the 2020 chapter? I know the description has been recycled but curious if there is any shuttle / carpool option? I’d happily coordinate a car drop if my buddy and I could get a ride to Picket Post – then exchange the favor back at the end of the ride to said driver. Otherwise my gut is to tackle this from south to north if its just the two of us. Has anyone indicated interest in the G100 yet?

  2. I don’t see a signup for this… Am I missing it?

    • None yet – I suspect the gang will fill in the 2020 details in the next couple of weeks. I’m in for it – either way, and am happy to help w/ logistics.

  3. Like last year, I think we are doing the ITT idea. Let me see how many people are interested. The self-shuttle is the new form of the route which I will update today too. We will NOT provide a shuttle this year unfortunately.

  4. OK my AZES peeps – my friend and I have been planning to ride this route south to north for a few months now – but could be swayed depending on how many folks do the proper north to south version. That said – we’ll have a couple of cache’s (Freemans Rd. and at / near the Kelvin bridge) and are happy to coordinate some of that. Lastly – there’s an outside chance we could swap keys along the way if we’re headed north and you all are headed south…

    But really I’m curious who is doing this? Anyone committed yet?

  5. Also curious that when I upload the gpx file it appears to start at the south!

  6. See? There is some weird cosmic energy making me see this thing as an uphill, er – south to north – adventure!

  7. So confused… is the route south to north for 2020? Both Chad’s gpx and the RideWithGps link show as south to north. Chad’s link goes to which is the same version I’ve used before. Either way I’m in, as an overnight, and am up for shuttling with someone to leave my vehicle at the end.

  8. Maxwell Higgins

    I dont see a signup form so i’ll just declare my entry here. Im starting later than 5am on the 8th at Picketpost. I’ll use the reverse of the 2013 gpx as the route. Planning to camp and finish at Tiger Mine Rd TH on the 9th. Have shuttle arranged. Hope to see someone out there.

    • I’ll be there. Leaving my car at tiger mine road on Friday and getting a shuttle/camp and staying overnight at picket post. Gonna try for 5am start on Saturday but maybe I’ll see you out there.

    • Sorry, I’m stuck out of state and won’t be back in time. Planning to bikepack this route Feb 15 instead.

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