Aspen Asphyxiation

At 7:00am on Saturday, May 30, 2020

Start/End at Fort Tuthill, big lot next to FUTS, pump track, and Flag Extreme course.  Exit I-17 at Exit 337, go straight west through 2 traffic circles, follow road slightly north, then west to HUGE paved lot.

Given the closures on Mt. Elden, we’ve altered the route.  Still plenty of fun and plenty of climbing to be had.  We’ll go CW on the Loop trail, do AZT, Rocky Moto (yeah!), twisted sister, Weatherford, and then use the Transwestern Pipeline to Deer trail to then connect to the AZT Eq bypass.   There are gas stations for those needing wate (Conoco station right after the tunnel under highway 89…look right), mile 32 off route to the south about a quarter mile.  Then do all the great AZT along Walnut Canyon, drop to Fisher point, and climb out Skunk Canyon to meet back up with the Flag loop trail and back to Tuthill.

If you are unable to navigate to a gpx file, you may very well want to stay home.  There are several social trails and a few faint scratches in the dirt used for this route.  Yes, you may want to wear some HAB friendly shoes for this.

GPX file:



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