Aspen Asphyxiation

At 7:00am on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Start/End at Fort Tuthill, big lot next to FUTS, pump track, and Flag Extreme course.  Exit I-17 at Exit 337, go straight west through 2 traffic circles, follow road slightly north, then west to HUGE paved lot.

In the usual fashion, the race this year will be different and be a little like the Prescott Monster Cross…that is, it will be a loop around Flagstaff!  We’ll use the Flagstaff Loop Trail augmented with some of the good singletrack on Mt. Elden and the southern flanks of the peaks.  There are gas stations for those needing water or snacks at mile 21 (Conoco station right before the tunnel under highway 89…look left), mile 51 off route up hwy 180 about a ¼ mile, and at mile 57, on route 66 at the left turn onto Woody Mtn Rd.

If you are unable to navigate to a gpx file, you may very well want to stay home.  There are several social trails and a few faint scratches in the dirt used for this route.  Yes, you may want to wear some HAB friendly shoes for this.

GPX file:


2017 AA Route Descritpion




27 responses to “Aspen Asphyxiation

  1. I was wondering if the registration for the Sedona BFL is maxed out. Tried to sign up but said it was full, not sure if that’s accurate for this upcoming year but wanted to check with you first. Thanks!

  2. I will not be able to make the official race date, does anyone want to have a go at the AA route on Sunday May 20th?

    • I’m booked for the 26th but I can ride the AA on the 20th. Want to meet at 6:45-ish to start the ride at 7am? (on the 20th)

      • Thanks for the offer to join me on the 20th! My schedule got shuffled around at work, so now I’ll be out of state on the 20th but should be able to make it to the main event on the 26th.

  3. Raymond Hemmele

    FYI, route for 2018 will be the same as 2017 unless noted here. Let’s hope the forest is still open due to fire danger.

  4. Are you sure 7 am is early enough? I don’t want to miss any of the Matlock reruns.

  5. Anybody else having issues loading the gpx file?

  6. Still looking good I hope? Looking forward to this event. It has been too long on the AES stuff.

  7. I am hearing rumors that the forest might close May 23 or be announced May 23 closure for Memorial day weekend. I really hope I have bad information.

  8. Stephen Boyle

    Not looking good for next weekend:

    Looks like big sections of the course will be off limits

  9. Raymond Hemmele

    So, looks like the route as planned will not happen based on the closure map. Stay tuned as we might be able to get creative and put a route together that avoids the closed areas.

  10. Any news on a new route?

  11. Raymond Hemmele

    I am in the process of creating a route that uses some Ft Tuthill, connector over to woody mtn and Rogers Lake, then north up onto Mars Hill for some loop trail and some other surely illegal (lol) stuff. I’ll hopefully scout the stuff I’ve not ridden TH and have a track posted by that evening.

    • I’m out, as I am 50% sure that your new “route” will 100% result in either an arrest, or getting shot.

  12. Honestly, I think it’s a nearly impossible task to create a worthy AES ride given the key areas being closed. Why not just postpone until the monsoon season in July? Create a route that avoids high exposed areas and allow easy bail if storm hits. Or wait until September…

    • mike kunnecke

      I’ll go with you Ray, haven’t been jailed or shot at for a few weeks now.

      On Tue, May 22, 2018, 2:41 PM Arizona Endurance Series wrote:

      > Bman commented: “Honestly, I think it’s a nearly impossible task to create > a worthy AES ride given the key areas being closed. Why not just postpone > until the monsoon season in July? Create a route that avoids high exposed > areas and allow easy bail if storm hits. Or wait” >

  13. Lenny Goodell

    We are committed to being in Flagstaff for the weekend, so I am up for whatever…

  14. Raymond Hemmele

    More details coming but we will have a course to ride! And don’t worry, no illegal trails will be ridden.

    • Munds park endurance crit. Mail-man runs for 6hrs then 2 laps. Ray I really hope you come up with something, but I am not holding out much hope.

  15. Kelly’s Pocket is closed too. That just leaves Tuthill, Airport and Munds.

  16. Raymond Hemmele

    Well, the different agencies don’t make things very easy…a number of calls, much conflicting information from them as well as on-line leaves me no choice but to cancel this. If I can’t be 100% sure an area is OK to ride, I can’t send a bunch of us through it. Sorry folks…

  17. Question – will you postpone for another date later in the year? It would be ideal to transfer my campsite for another time

  18. Thanks for the work on this Ray. Hum I did miss the mini monster and SBFL this year…

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