Aspen Asphyxiation

At 7:00am on Saturday, May 27, 2017 (this is the rescheduled time and date)

Meet at the Safeway near Buffalo Park – 1490 East Cedar Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ  86004.

2016 route has been established and is a combination of years past…most of the climbing is in the first part and there is a gas station off hwy 89 at 21 and 55 miles. We will be doing a neutral roll up to Mt Elden Rd, then start the race there as we have in past years.

If you are not really familiar with the trails in Flagstaff, you WILL need a GPS. No map will be provided.

GPX file:




10 responses to “Aspen Asphyxiation

  1. I’m in

  2. I’m in

  3. I’m in

  4. I’m in

  5. Bad timing but I am going to work out logistics and figure out how to do it this year.

  6. Raymond Hemmele

    All…at this point, we’ll keep the date as planned but in the next few weeks, we’ll get some trail condition info and see if either a date change or a route change is needed.

  7. Justin Manring

    I just put in to get the 27th off! Cross your fingers!

  8. What coincidence @Justin, I also have that day off : -)
    Count me in @Ray

  9. Drying quickly…Not sure about azt north of snowbowl road or north side of Peaks but waterline is a mess with snow likely near inner basin still. Everything south facing between Elden and snowbowl road is dry up to the wilderness boundry.

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