Aspen Asphyxiation

At 7:00am on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Start/End at Fort Tuthill, big lot next to FUTS, pump track, and Flag Extreme course.  Exit I-17 at Exit 337, go straight west through 2 traffic circles, follow road slightly north, then west to HUGE paved lot.

In the usual fashion, the race this year will be different and be a little like the Prescott Monster Cross…that is, it will be a loop around Flagstaff!  We’ll use the Flagstaff Loop Trail augmented with some of the good singletrack on Mt. Elden and the southern flanks of the peaks.  There are gas stations for those needing water or snacks at mile 21 (Conoco station right before the tunnel under highway 89…look left), mile 51 off route up hwy 180 about a ¼ mile, and at mile 57, on route 66 at the left turn onto Woody Mtn Rd.

If you are unable to navigate to a gpx file, you may very well want to stay home.  There are several social trails and a few faint scratches in the dirt used for this route.  Yes, you may want to wear some HAB friendly shoes for this.

GPX file:


2017 AA Route Descritpion




28 responses to “Aspen Asphyxiation

  1. I’m in

  2. I’m in

  3. I’m in

  4. I’m in

  5. Bad timing but I am going to work out logistics and figure out how to do it this year.

  6. Raymond Hemmele

    All…at this point, we’ll keep the date as planned but in the next few weeks, we’ll get some trail condition info and see if either a date change or a route change is needed.

  7. Justin Manring

    I just put in to get the 27th off! Cross your fingers!

  8. What coincidence @Justin, I also have that day off : -)
    Count me in @Ray

  9. Drying quickly…Not sure about azt north of snowbowl road or north side of Peaks but waterline is a mess with snow likely near inner basin still. Everything south facing between Elden and snowbowl road is dry up to the wilderness boundry.

  10. Raymond Hemmele

    All, we’ll keep the date however, THE ROUTE WILL CHANGE. Stay tuned for the new route.

  11. Brad Mattingly

    Im planning on doing the ride.

  12. Ray updated information, thanks Ray!

  13. Raymond Hemmele

    Hey all…Start/Finish location details and GPX file are ready to go..

  14. is the course going counter clockwise ?

    • Raymond Hemmele

      Yes, CCW. Route description/cue sheet will be posted soon.

      • Patrick Kinsella

        Wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you. I got in pretty late due to running out of water but managed to finish the course.
        My finishing time was 5:15
        Patrick Kinsella

  15. Raymond Hemmele

    A few other things to note: 1) I HIGHLY recommend using the gpx file to navigate. Whether that’s on your phone or a Garmin…There are a few easy to miss turns 2) Otherwise a route description/cue sheet has been created and is available for download. Disclaimer: It was created based on trail knowledge and the gpx file…mileages are approximate. 3) There’s no store at Tuthill so please bring a cooler with your post ride recovery drinks and food. 4) Bring a chair if you plan to hangout afterwards.

  16. what GPS device do you recommend, thinking of doing this as a first timer for this kind of event?

  17. if you have a garmin cycling computer it may be capable & may have the battery life to go all day. My goto device are the Garmin handhelds, hard to go wrong with any of the Etrex series. Dirt cheap run on two AA batteries (carry a spare pair or run Lithiums)
    Phones apps don’t really cut it, but are better than nothing as backup.
    The main thing with whatever you use is to teach yourself how to follow a track before Saturday.
    I prefer to merely show the route/track on the map (it a check box in dif places on dif GPSs). Know which direction the course run beforehand, then zoom the screen in & out as needed. I often run no background map on the screen as it on takes longer to notice when you get off track.

  18. justin manring

    yo my truck broke down, I’m out, take my spot!
    You kids have fun!!!

  19. Patrick Kinsella

    I’m in!

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