Sedona Big Friggin Loop

6Sedona Big Friggin Loop (SBFL)


March 24, 2018 8:30am

We will be starting and finishing at Bike n Bean with beer and pizza. Bring $10 if you want to eat and drink. DO NOT PARK AT BIKE & BEAN PARKING LOT THIS YEAR! PLEASE SPREAD OUT AROUND OAK VILLAGE WITH YOUR CARS.  This will help with distributing our cars among the shops that are there instead of taking up all the parking at one specific spot.

Upon finishing, stick around for the post-ride party at Bike n Bean. Bike n Bean will be providing FREE beer; pizza will be available and will typically comes in waves of 4-6 boxes for anyone that pays $10.

GPX for 2018 is available.  This has some tweaks to the 2017 route, developed with thanks to John Schilling. SBFL_2018.gpx

See TopoFusion’s Tutorial on uploading GPX tracks for help loading the GPX file onto your GPS.

Route Warning:
Due to the nature of this route, I strongly advise you to have a GPS with the GPX file loaded, and some of the maps below. Sedona is generally a well-marked area, nonetheless, as you will see, there are tons of trails that deviate from the trail (unmarked most of the time). I highly recommend that you either pre-ride the trail or consider take a GPS on the route. ESPECIALLY if you are a local and think you know the trails/route, you need a GPS. It’s the only way to be sure you ride the correct course. The route doesn’t necessarily take the most obvious or most ridden connections.

Suggested Maps

Available at Bike & Bean in Sedona


Sedona Map

Topo Maps of Sedona




Use the following comment section for questions, comments or heckling.



9 responses to “Sedona Big Friggin Loop

  1. I wanna ride the BFL, eat pizza, and have some camaraderie afterwards. Come on let one more entry in!!!

  2. Wait, this is already “full”….or is that part of the site just not updated from 2017?

    Either way I’ll be there, broken wrist redemption.

  3. “Registration will always open up a month before the event.”

  4. Howdy – I’m thinking of attending. I just downloaded the gpx file and it kinda looks more like a v than a loop. with neither the start or end close to the bike shop. Can anyone enlighten me? sorry for the newbie question…

  5. I’m in.

  6. this route includes a old section of the broken arrow trail which has been closed.

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