Sedona Big Friggin Loop

Sedona Big Friggin Loop (SBFL)


March 23, 2019 8:30am

We will be starting and finishing at Bike n Bean with beer and pizza. Bring $10 if you want to eat and drink. DO NOT PARK AT BIKE & BEAN PARKING LOT ! PLEASE SPREAD OUT AROUND OAK CREEK VILLAGE WITH YOUR CARS.  This will help with distributing our cars among the shops that are there instead of taking up all the parking at one specific spot.

Upon finishing, stick around for the post-ride party at Bike n Bean. Bike n Bean will be providing FREE beer; pizza will be available and will typically comes in waves of 4-6 boxes for anyone that pays $10.

The Route:
Route for 2019 is here. Make sure you download the new track since there are changes to the course this year.

See TopoFusion’s Tutorial on uploading GPX tracks for help loading the GPX file onto your GPS.

Route Warning:
Due to the nature of this route, I strongly advise you to have a GPS with the GPX file loaded, and some of the maps below. Sedona is generally a well-marked area, nonetheless, as you will see, there are tons of trails that deviate from the trail (unmarked most of the time). I highly recommend that you either pre-ride the trail or consider take a GPS on the route. ESPECIALLY if you are a local and think you know the trails/route, you need a GPS. It’s the only way to be sure you ride the correct course. The route doesn’t necessarily take the most obvious or most ridden connections.

Suggested Maps

Available at Bike & Bean in Sedona


Sedona Map

Topo Maps of Sedona



Use the following comment section for questions, comments or heckling.


19 responses to “Sedona Big Friggin Loop

  1. A little long of a video and I was by my lonesome for most of it but here it is.

  2. Registration is open now.

  3. not sure it got me but I signed up hoping to make up for my slow ass time for last year.

  4. Andy Stevenson

    Just an FYI, the red rock crossing trail along side Oak has been wiped out. The recent flood dumped a bunch of logs and debris everywhere as well as washing away segments of the trail. I would suggest staying on the Baldwin trail until you get to Verde School Road and then hang a right to get to the crossing. With the recent rains and snow melt the creek is very high. I am sure the creek will go down over the next two weeks. As it was I decided to ride over to Redrock State Park to cross over the bridge.

  5. New GPX is posted – 3/12. Make sure you download this version since it has changes.

    • I tried to look at/download the gpx to my Mac and I’m just getting code. I looked for the route on Trailforks but couldn’t find it there either. Any suggestions on how to get the map to upload to my Garmin? Thanks.

  6. I’m out. I’ll just have to ride it on my own at a later date.

  7. Having the same issue a Cary S on my mac, just get code with either safari or chrome.

  8. when you click on the link for the track it will bring you to a page that displays the XML. Up in the right hand corner is an icon to download the file. Click on that.

  9. Theyre predicting rain/snow Wednesday- Sunday…. 😞Should we expect this ride to get cancelled?

  10. Thanks Jeff. That’s what I did and I just tried again. After downloading and opening, it’s a screen with a bunch of numbers. The first row says Topofusion homepage, Sedona BFL but the rest is just numbers.

  11. if you are seeing stuff like this:

    TopoFusion Home Page


    it is because you are looking at the raw XML. A GPX file is simply XML. Don’t open in a text editor or double click, open in Topofusion or Garmin MapSource or some other tool that reads these types of files.

    • well that didn’t work. It converted the http to text. If you see a lot of stuff with these kinds of brackets around it, , then that is the xml.

  12. download worked for me.

  13. Heidi Erickson

    Looks like folks are coming through Red Rock State Park for this race and were told to pay $2. The walk-in/bike-in rate is actually $4 at this park and it would have been nice for the group organizer to have coordinated or at least let the park management know this was going to happen especially since the gpx file on this website doesn’t show the race going through that park.

  14. Results posted. Let me know if you see errors. Did not have a finish time for Tim Wilcox – but pretty sure he did finish.

    Let me know if there are any errors.

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