Sedona Big Friggin Loop

Sedona Friggin Loop

March 21, 2015 8:30am

We will be starting and finishing at Bike n Bean with beer and pizza. Bring $10 if you want to eat and drink. Bike n Bean will also be allowing us to use their parking lot this year! This will help with distributing our cars among the shops that are there instead of taking up all the parking at one specific spot.

Upon finishing, stick around for the post-ride party at Bike n Bean. Bike n Bean will be providing FREE beer; pizza will be available and will typically comes in waves of 4-6 boxes for anyone that pays $10.

GPX for 2015 will be the same as last year. SBFL_2014_v5.gpx

See TopoFusion’s Tutorial on uploading GPX tracks for help loading the GPX file onto your GPS.

Route Warning:
Due to the nature of this route, I strongly advise you to have a GPS with the GPX file loaded, and some of the maps below. Sedona is generally a well-marked area, nonetheless, as you will see, there are tons of trails that deviate from the trail (unmarked most of the time). I highly recommend that you either pre-ride the trail or consider take a GPS on the route. ESPECIALLY if you are a local and think you know the trails/route, you need a GPS. It’s the only way to be sure you ride the correct course. The route doesn’t necessarily take the most obvious or most ridden connections.

Suggested Maps

Available at Bike & Bean in Sedona


Sedona Map

Topo Maps of Sedona


Sedona Big Friggn’ Loop in Mountain Flyer


Registration is CLOSED until 2016.

Use the following comment section for questions, comments or heckling.

68 responses to “Sedona Big Friggin Loop

  1. Is this really full for 2015 already?!?!?

  2. Did it last year for the first time and it was great. This year it will also be on my 58th birthday!

  3. New to racing. How technical will the course be?

    • Hello Joe, I didn’t see your name in the results so maybe you decided not to come out this year. If not, you missed some epic riding….amazing stuff! It was my first time so I will add my take on the course coming from someone whose been riding 20 years. It is challenging both technically and endurance wise. Personally, I wouldn’t even consider a hard tail although many successfully finished on one. If (like me) you like speed, it’s a no-brainer – bring a FS all-mountain or trail bike. You will have so much fun! and your time will be at least as fast.

  4. Don’t mean to “Butt-In” but as a past participant of TBFL I must say that if you want to be Truly tested both mentally and physically this event (can’t use the word “RACE”) has it all. You must be able to remain “ON” for 7+ hours form some of the most epic riding around! And then throw in the camaraderie and scenery makes for an eventful outing.

  5. It’s more of an endurance ride that technical. I’ve always ridden it with ridgid single speed, which gives you an idea of how “technical” it is. It’s a grind because it’s long and there is a lot of up and down. I do recall a few short, but very steep decents that I walked. Less then 0.01% of the ride.

    • Thanks. Just the sort of info I was after. WTF with the SS haters? MBR sounds like someone I would love to slap.

      • Dear Joe, I love SS. I even had a couple when I was a kid. However, I don’t like the self righteous ones who ride SS or any other type of bike. Don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way, just the one who expressed it…

      • Was thinking about the slap comment and would like to apologize. Sometimes my testosterone gets the better of me. I just think that we all need to be tolerant of others, as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of other people. Live and let live.

  6. Re: “It’s more of an endurance ride that technical.” I’m surprised you even bother with such an easy endurance race while riding a trendy SS. Perhaps it’s time to raise the bar and take off the brakes and freewheel – or just opt for a road bike – to make it more of a ‘Big’ challenge.. :-)

  7. I’m glad someone else picked up on this single speed elitist attitude.

  8. WOW! Just trying to help out. I don’t give a F@#k what you ride or even if you do. I ride for my own pleasure and, when it can be found, to share my passion with the like minded. Think I’ll just stay on the trail and off the web.

  9. Let’s remember we are all aiming for the same cause…to be outside on the bike. As you said Andrew, “like minded.” Let’s try to only ENCOURAGE here.

  10. Does anyone have an elevation chart for this course?

  11. Here is last year’s course profile:

  12. Pingback: New year, refocused | The Endurance Experience

  13. SBFL opens for registration on Feb 21?

  14. General question – what GPS units do people like for remote rides like this? I have a Garmin Edge 500 but that’s not enough nav, and it’s not loading files from Topofusion anyway.

    • My vote – eTrex 20 or 30, which run off of [2] ubiquitous AAs. Very popular for bikepacking.

    • Personally I like the 800 or newer 810. The battery life is more than enough for something like this (unless you really plan to be out there over 10 hours). For bikepacking I can see the use of something that runs off batteries, but I’d also consider an external charger as another option.

      • Is the Nav function of both units the same? As in, show me where I am relative to my course? Is the main difference the batteries & that the 800/810 adds the bike training features (speed, climbing etc)?

      • Can’t help with the eTrex as I don’t have one. The 800 has every feature I want/need. Touch screen is nice, it shows elevation and the course. as well as off course warnings. Basically it has all the features of the 500 you have now, but adds a touchscreen and far better maps and elevation readings. The 810 adds several things I don’t care about…

    • Re: Battery life of eTrex 30
      Lithiums provide about 24 hours of run time. NiMH provide about 20-ish hours. I bought the 30 specifically for AZT/CTR/WRIAD rides. Also nice for 2-3 days of backcountry skiing on one set of batteries.
      Re: External power for eTrex
      I have a dynamo hub, which I can switch from lighting to a USB converter for charging, but most devices [like my iPhone and eTrex 30] don’t like it when the USB voltage cycles above and below the 5V output of the converter. Best use of the dynamo is for lighting at night and charging battery charger packs during the day. However, battery life of the eTrex is so long that I usually just run it off of its own batteries.

  15. for the 2015 monstercross how do you know if you got in? I signed up below the info on the race, but not sure if that was the right way to sign up.

  16. My understanding is that the reg opens one month prior to race date. So for Prescott Monstercross, that would be March 4 2015.

  17. Registration is now open, as of 7am 2/21. Sign up is limited to 74 participants.

  18. DO NOT SIGN UP DOWN IN THE COMMENTS section. Registration is above. Thanks!

  19. Thanks Chad. Do we get a confirmation anywhere?

  20. Chad I just want to go on the record to say you rock. Thanks for putting up with all of us. Incidentally I am looking to buy a dynamo set up if anyone’s is selling.

  21. New to this event format. Will the g.p.x. file noted from 2014 be the same crs as 2015 or will a updated map be available for download at a later date ?

    • Having enjoyed the SBFL for only one year, don’t know if that’s the norm, but last year the course ‘evolved’ a couple of times in the few days leading up to the start. I can only imagine the political/government hassles Chad had/has to deal with. Best bet would be to load last year’s GPX file, practice navigating with your GPS [if you’re new to biking with a GPS] and be prepared to reload the official GPX file a few days prior to the start.

  22. Single Speed Schmeister

    I believe I signed up, is there a way to verify that we are signed up?

  23. Re: Signing up stress
    For all of you stressing over the signup process, which I did until a year or so ago, keep in mind that almost all events like this, including NMES, CTR, AZT, etc., all have a 74 [75?] rider max cap. This it to keep the event small enough to prevent the escalation of FS/local/county/state/government control/restrictions, liability issues, yada, yada. The goal is to not morph the event into a Leadville 100. And rarely do events like this have a full roster come the morning of the event. Funny how this is a common theme for ‘free’ events. You can almost guarantee that there will be room for you to write-in your entry on race day. And even if the event is full, there’s nothing to stop you from riding a similar [wink] course the same day/time and participating in the post ride fun…

  24. Registration has been closed. There is NO WAITING LIST. We have reach capacity, thanks for your interest. Registration will be posted in a few days.

  25. Does anyone know if Sedona Red Rock High School has a water fountain? Looks like it might be a good place to fill up.

    • Ryan: Red Rock High School has a machine which sells 20oz. bottles of water for $1. Just go straight up the main driveway ~100yds to the courtyard of the school.

  26. go across hwy89, and the second building on the left (yavapai college) has a drinking fountain.

  27. ray, can you tell us approximately how many miles in this fountain is? Do we know whether it actually works or not? I for one don’t want to have to carry 200 oz of water so I appreciate any insight anyone could give us with respect to water “stations”. THANKS!! See you all Saturday.

  28. Chad, I’m out. Have a great ride all. It’s an epic ordeal!
    Mike, RRHS/89A is about 10 miles in on the BFL; I did not find a drinking fountain at the high school last year. If you go across the 89A as Ray suggests and do find the drinking fountain, note that you will have to turn back to 89A to resume the loop. The connecting trail is unmarked and starts right at the sidewalk along 89A.

  29. Is there a route description available?

  30. Holly Hovious is injured and will not be able to ride in this event

  31. FYI….I’ll be doing an “ITT”. I hope to start early at 7am in an attempt to finish at a decent time. Say hi when you ride past.

  32. Won’t be able to make it this weekend. I’m out. Good luck everyone!

  33. Well, if there is NO route description how do the f*&^% do you know where to go????

    • Jeez does no one read the effin page?! IT SAYS TO USE A GPS and even has a handy little link to the GPX file.

    • yeah, no route descriptions, no queue sheets, no ribbons, no physical maps provided. Basically, we provide a .gpx file and it is up to you to find the course. That is how self-supported endurance racing works. Requires a bit of effort and commitment on your part, but a lot of people find that to be satisfying. If you need a bit more hand holding, there are plenty of other quality offerings out there – The Whiskey is coming up soon.

    • Jeff, if I knew you at the beginning of the ride, I would have definitely held your hand a little :-) After riding it, I agree though – GPS is the only way through this course and even then I still made a bunch of wrong turns where the GPS wasn’t precise enough to be able to distinguish.
      Thanks for your energy Jeff, it was fun hanging with you.

  34. No route sheet would get you through this 100%. There are too many very subtle intersections, turns etc. Without a GPS with the course you WILL miss more than one turn.

  35. Richard Dietzman

    I am out for tomorrow. Hopefully somebody can take my place! Good luck everyone!

  36. I’m out for the ride tomorrow. Please open my spot up for a willing soul.

  37. I’m missing finish times for the folks below. If you can give me an idea of when you finished, I’ll get it on the list, otherwise I’ll just assume DNF. Send to ziemsj01 AT hotmail Dot com

    Alex Barr
    Brandon Norem
    Brian Cherry
    Brooke Connell
    Katie Purpura
    Robin Schwartz
    Yuri Luzanau

  38. Bill Schmeister

    William Schmeister finished at 6:15.

  39. Chad, B&B and any other SBFL co-conspirators,
    Thanks for making it happen again this year! Awesome weather and course, but I sure did down more water than I had originally envisioned. What a way to spend my 58th birthday! I’m going to bring some green chile next year to put on that pizza…

    • Barry, I was wondering how close you were to doing a mile/year but I didn’t want to offend. Happy Birthday!

      • Barry Ritchey

        Garrett, I was on the fence about hitting that Circle-K. Glad I followed your lead and hydrated. Yep, those SBFL mile/year calculations are always going to be less than one and decreasing.

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