Sedona Big Friggin Loop

Sedona Big Friggin Loop (SBFL)


March 26, 2016 8:30am

We will be starting and finishing at Bike n Bean with beer and pizza. Bring $10 if you want to eat and drink. Bike n Bean will also be allowing us to use their parking lot this year! This will help with distributing our cars among the shops that are there instead of taking up all the parking at one specific spot.

Upon finishing, stick around for the post-ride party at Bike n Bean. Bike n Bean will be providing FREE beer; pizza will be available and will typically comes in waves of 4-6 boxes for anyone that pays $10.

GPX for 2016 will be the similar to last year, with a couple of changes starting at about mile 35. SBFL_2016_v5.gpx

See TopoFusion’s Tutorial on uploading GPX tracks for help loading the GPX file onto your GPS.

Route Warning:
Due to the nature of this route, I strongly advise you to have a GPS with the GPX file loaded, and some of the maps below. Sedona is generally a well-marked area, nonetheless, as you will see, there are tons of trails that deviate from the trail (unmarked most of the time). I highly recommend that you either pre-ride the trail or consider take a GPS on the route. ESPECIALLY if you are a local and think you know the trails/route, you need a GPS. It’s the only way to be sure you ride the correct course. The route doesn’t necessarily take the most obvious or most ridden connections.

Suggested Maps

Available at Bike & Bean in Sedona


Sedona Map

Topo Maps of Sedona



Use the following comment section for questions, comments or heckling.

Race is full. There will NOT be a waiting list. Check out our other events.

76 responses to “Sedona Big Friggin Loop

  1. Did this used to be scheduled for March 19th?

  2. It’s on my calendar, from months ago, as being on March 19th. A new typo or actual date change?

  3. I had put it on my agenda for lodging, work time off etc as well…

  4. Schedule conflict, it has been changed.

  5. Distance? (Lazy to upload the GPX file into another program just to get this simple bit of information…)

  6. Registration opens on the 26th of Feb.

  7. Same day as the last annual SoMo Squealer ‘Race’ :/

  8. Count me in

  9. How do you register or can we just show up?

  10. I’m in! I did it last year for the first time. It is too hard, the trails suck, and they overcharge for the race. I can’t complain enough about this event.

  11. Yeah! Not to mention having to replenish our energy stores with good pizza and beer after the fact! Do you know something that I don’t in terms of registration being open already?

  12. First time to do the official SBFL. March 19th conflicts with MBAA schedule so I am glad it’s on the 26th.

  13. Barry Ritchey in…

  14. I signed up a few day ago but found out that I cannot make it after all. Please remove me from the list of riders. Thanks

  15. Well shoot, if Christians slot opens up Ill take it! Theres no wait list though I understand…

  16. Can I get on a Provisional List. Cuz I also want in on any openings. Otherwise I’ll just keep checking back.
    GeekonaBike AKA mike kunnecke

  17. Will the course be marked?

  18. In the past, there had been a “General Overview” of the trails/routes that would be followed. Will this be the case this year in these upcoming weeks?

  19. Something came up and I need to back out. Hopefully someone can take me spot. Thanks

  20. As people back out, how do I back in!? Super-bummed to find registration closed…

  21. I’m pretty sure I signed up in time, but haven’t seen any confirmation. Where can I find out?

  22. I would like to sign up if possible. Please let me know if there are any openings:)

  23. Here’s another opening, I have to back out. I’ll just do the ride the week after but I already made another commitment that falls on the same day.

  24. Unfortunately I can’t make it this year after all. I hope someone can take my spot!

  25. Almost time to go…….don’t see a update on route. Will it be same as last year ?

  26. Hey Chad, is the course GPX going to be fixed for the Broken Arrow reroute that was new last year? Not sure if going the old way is still valid… I have a BFL track which takes the new Broken Arrow reroute if nothing else changes. Let me know if you want it.

  27. It is looking like I can’t get the time off work for this so must back out. Hopefully someone else can use my spot.

  28. New track is posted. If you have previously downloaded the track, you need to get the new one. There are a couple of changes in the last 14 or so miles.

  29. Someone can have my spot. I’ll still be up there riding the red rocks & such, just making a super nifty modified BFL route to play around on. See you all at the finish.

  30. Any way to confirm my registration (sign up) for the SBFL?

  31. Organizers…..can I take one of the above two spots offered from Evan S or John S? I’ll be in town and ready to go…

  32. Grand Central trail is replacing Jordan Rd. this year. More singletrack and less road. This ride is getting more refined every year. Can’t wait for Saturday !

  33. Will we be needing to carry that extra $5.00 cash
    for Red Rock State Park?

  34. GPX updated and is now available.

  35. Here is the unedited start list:
    Alexandra Barr
    Anatoly Zlotnik
    Andy Nunn
    Anna Kiep
    Bart Leyko
    Billy Schaaphok
    Bret Bernard
    Bret Parke
    Christian Schmedt
    Dana Ernst
    Dave Crandall
    Devin Carter
    Dylan Harp
    Eddy Bressler
    El Freako
    Eric Sommers
    Eric Tittelbaugh
    Eugene Gonzalez
    Evan Sollberger
    Ezra Shumway
    Gerrit Mack
    Guy “TacoBeer” Bell
    Hector Cruz
    Hunter Keating
    Jace Kuyper
    James Simmons
    Jeff Humberson
    Jeff Ziemski
    Jerome Moreau
    John Schilling
    John Thompson
    Justin kyle
    Keith ashmore
    Leif Valin
    Lenny Goodell
    Mad Rhino
    Magdalena Dale
    Maggie (Sarah) Ogden
    Marc Basiliere
    Mark Povich
    Matt Mullet
    Michele Bauer
    Mike Mills
    Nancy Gray
    Nate Berg
    Nathan Moroney
    Neal Helfman
    Paul greenwood
    Ralph Wrons
    Randy Harris
    Ray Hemmele
    Rich Capener
    RJ Weibly
    Rob Bauer
    Robin guillaume
    Ryan Travelstead
    Scott Dean
    Stefan Richter
    Stephanie Jones
    Terry Sims
    Tim Stefek
    Tim wilcox
    tom ament
    Bob monahan
    Steve Gibbs
    Timothy Miller
    Pascal Fortin
    Jason Hanson
    Devon Ambler
    Barry Ritchey
    dave crandall
    Josh Ellner
    holly hovious
    Bill Akens

  36. I have to still delete and add the people that dropped out, FYI.

  37. Nathan Moroney

    Can anyone suggest the best water refuel spot. Based on my scouting, One could either drop down on Dry Creek Rd before the new section of single track, hit up the Circle K on Andante, and then reconnect. Otherwise, one would have to hold off until Burger King (the home stretch). Are there better options for refuel I am missing?

  38. Thought my previous comment was counted as a registration. A second time: Barry Ritchey

  39. Nathan, I rode last year’s version last Friday, and yeah dropping down on Dry Creek to the 89 was the best thing I could come up with. I stopped at Famous Pizza which is right there on the corner of 89 and Dry Creek. Got a couple of slices – good stuff.

  40. Sedona Bike & Bean

    UPDATE: On site parking at Bike & Bean will be very limited if available at all due to an art show at the same location. This is completely out of our control and we were only notified today. We are working on a solution ASAP. Please do not park in any area coned or flagged off as the vehicle will be towed by the parking lot group.

  41. There is often a good deal of parking available behind the outlet mall at the corner of 89A and Verde Valley School Rd, unless there’s an art show going on there too… It’s a short ride up 89A to Bike and Bean.

  42. Oops – make that 179 and Verde Valley School Rd!

  43. Chad,For those of us with no GPS, can you please list the basic list of Trails we will be following so I can look at map(s) before the ride as I “suck wheels” and attempt to stay with a group that has GPS. Thanks Man!

  44. I have the updated GPX track (thanks) loaded, but a couple years ago for the SBFL, a cue sheet of trail names that will be followed from start to finish was provided. I was able to modify it to a column, print it and taped it to my top tube. Very handy reference. MIght that cue sheet be provided again?

  45. I loaded the course into the ‘Routes’ section on Here’s the link & you can see what trails are ridden & print out the map for reference.

  46. Stephanie Jones

    Too bad for me and rad for someone else, but I will not be on the start line this Saturday due to an unexpected extended stay across the country. My apologies for short notice but it’s out of my control. Everyone have a blast!!!

  47. I have to work on Saturday.:-/
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to ride the SBFL
    I’ll be with you all in spirit (and maybe get up there and ride next week sometime)

  48. thanks John S for loading the course & providing the link. — enjoy your “super nifty modified hyper SBFL”

  49. So I have a Garmin Edge 305, and I’m in Sedona….but no way to upload the gps track due to computer situation while on the road. Anyone in the area willing to lend a hand? I can drive to you….with beer of your choice? can call/text 303-888-5742 Thanks!

    • RE: GPS
      I use a smart phone app. The one I like the most is Gaia, but there are others. If you download the GPX file and edit the file extension so it ends in .gpx it will open in one of these apps. Starbucks and lots of others have free wifi. All this is IF you have a smart phone. BTW, these apps have replaced my GPS units as they work even where there is no phone service. Hope this helps.

      • Problem is I can’t connect my smartphone phone to my Garmin. I’d need a USB female-to-female dongle or on the go micro-usb to female-usb, which I don’t have….and nobody in town seems to carry. 😦

    • Problem solved. Thank you Lenny!

  50. Robin guillaume

    I missed some stuff, so my ninth place should be a dnf.

  51. Thanks for the fun!
    Met some good people,helped a dude up after a bad crash (hope he finished) and petted a lot of rocks with my tires!
    Take care,

  52. Hi Leif-curious if I’m the “Dude” you helped about 3 miles in…Near the Forest service guys-I flipped over the embankment. I made it to the 12 mile mark before I went off trail and flatted and broke my shifter. It was a great day nonetheless. Thanks to you and Chad and B&B for everything!

  53. Fun course…thanks to everyone involved! Hopefully next time I won’t get lost so much, despite having GPS.

    Chad (or whoever did the results page)….Nick can corroborate, but we rolled back into Bike & Bean at the same time. Though after all the post-race pizza, I’m far more than 7 minutes slower by now.

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