Kaibab 140 and 230


Your choice of one of two loop options (140 mile and 230 mile) on the fabulous Kaibab Plateau. While there is plenty of dirt roads there are also some awesome views of the west canyon (and a little of the east side) and amazing meadows north of the park border on the AZT. There is an optional, but totally worth it, out and back to Point Sublime.

ITT. So you get to decide when you do it.

Where:  Here are the two options.

The main loop starts at Jacob Lake and follows mostly dirt roads to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. From there the route follows the Arizona Trail back to Jacob lake. This is a stout 2 days of riding, or a more reasonable 3 day route.

The other option adds in a loop to State Line campground. Both of these routes are worthy.

230 mile GPX file

140 mile GPX file



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