Kaibab 140 and 200


140 mile and 200 mile options


Start near Jacob Lake, Arizona

What:  This 125 mile loop on singletrack and dirt roads take in the best of the Kaibab Plateau south of Highway 89a and north of Grand Canyon National Park. It includes the Rainbow Rim trail, and the best parts of the Arizona Trail, as well as some seldom traveled roads to link them together.

Here are the two options. I am leaning toward doing this a self-supported group ride that would start at 6am on the 10th. We would ride all-day to the North Rim on Day 1 and camp after eating pizza/drinking beer. The next day, we would wake up and finish the event. Like the Coconino 250, it would be a super informal route + time. The northern route would be a ITT option.

200 mile GPX file

140 mile GPX file


Post a comment below if you are interested in coming!


28 responses to “Kaibab 140 and 200

  1. Is this race on for 2017? If so where do you register?

  2. Here is the registration. Please send me an email.

  3. Interested

  4. Can you tell us more, itenerary?

  5. Possibly in. Know forsure about a month before.

  6. Alex Chlopecki II

    Interested in more info!!!

  7. Interested!

  8. Count me in. Anyone up for the 200mi version?

  9. I wanna go!!!

  10. Is there a gpx for the 200 available? I’m interested in doing either as a bikepacking trip. Maybe a stage race like the Coco 250?
    When I did this before several of us skipped the East Side Game Road detour and stayed on the AZT all the way back to the start. Wasn’t the ESGR originally used because the AZT was in such bad shape due to a fire? Any interest in changing the route to stay on the AZT? We also went to the N. Rim but that might not work out well for the race.

  11. Need to be sure I have some stuff at work and home covered, but I’ll likely be there. this sounds great.

  12. Interested!

  13. Updated with map, GPX files and options above….Let me know what you think.

  14. I’m interested in a touring pace ride

  15. Scott Schaefer

    I’d love to make it, but don’t know if I can get out of work. We did this in the opposite direction last fall and had a great time.
    I would appreciate it if people kept an eye out for my Smith sunglasses that I left by the quaking aspen spring sign. We camped there last fall and I must have dropped them when we were trying to get going in the early morning freezing temps. Thanks Scott

  16. Justin Manring

    My weekend is fri sat and I just put in to have PTO sun the 11th and mon the 12th. Should be game for whatever! Stoked!!!

  17. Thomas Arnold

    I am interested. Is this bike packing?

  18. Any known reliable water sources on the route? I’m planning on bikepacking this over the Memorial Day Weekend.

  19. Timp Spring has water. I was just there Tuesday. I’ve heard pariswampits spring does too but it’s farther off route and the 250 road just south of it had a bunch of trees blocking it.

  20. Kaibab Lodge hours 7:30 am to 7 pm 7 days a week. They have a pretty good selection of food etc for a tiny little store.

  21. Interested

  22. Patrick Kinsella


  23. john hollansworth


  24. Is this group ride still happening? I’m in.

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