Kentucky Camp

When: November 5th, 2016 at 9:00 am (9:45 start time for those doing the short course) at Kentucky Camp, 40 miles south of Tucson. There are two options for this race, (1) a 29-mile lollipop or (2) a 46-mile figure 8. There will be camping available and a post-race party in the area for those that would like to camp and grill. Registration closed for 2012. Entrance this year will be a six pack of good beer! Afterwards, we will drink the beer (leftover beer will be used at future events in 2015/2016).

GPX files and maps:

The GPX files are available on

For help uploading the GPX files to your GPS see:

Using a GPS is highly recommended!

long course overview map / profile

short course overview map / profile

Course Directions:

The Kentucky Camp Epic directions are available here for those wishing to do a pre-ride: (note that this only covers the “lollipop” portion of the long route, not the “stick” / out and back portion.

Detail topo maps for both courses are here:



Note the arrows in the above maps provided by to make sure you understand which direction the route goes.

Directions to the Trailhead:

Take I-10 east out of Tucson to exit 281, the Sonoita Highway / State Highway 83 exit. Heading south on 83, 11.5 miles from I-10, look for a picnic table/rest area on the right side of the road, turn right down the dirt road just after it, signed for Rosemont Junction (FR 231). 1.41 miles in, a cairned singletrack crosses the road. This is the start/finish for racing. A GPS is recommended for a pre-riding and during the event. Parking lot is on the left of the road, 1 mile from the highway, just before the singletrack. We will have a 1/2 mile ride from the parking lot to the singletrack.

Camping Friday and Saturday Night:

About 1 mile from said turn onto Rosemont Junction Road, there is a OHV area to camp. A few hundred yards pass this area, there is a huge lot on the left with a corral and some parking on the right side. Choose any of those spots.


Use the comments section to ask any question regarding the event.

44 responses to “Kentucky Camp

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  2. In for the long course. SS style!

  3. Alejandro Gonzalez

    In for the short loop!

  4. OK, Arturo, I’m in for the long course. You? :)

  5. short course por favor

  6. That figure 8!!!

  7. In for the long one of course.

  8. Bummer, same weekend as the Moab Trail Marathon.

  9. Is the camping area the same place as the event start / finish area?

  10. I registered for long course but meant to do short course . How do I change it .

  11. In for the Shortie….

  12. Doing the short course…..again.

  13. Short course for me.

  14. im in for the long one… single speed

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  16. In for the short course.

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  18. Sorry, Chad. Busted some ribs and won’t be making the Kentucky Camp event:-(

  19. changed — Ill be doing geared… bad enough it looks like Ill be the last to come in…

  20. I registered for the Kentucky Camp race but plans changed and cannot attend. I didn’t see a contact email address anywhere so posted here.

  21. Gonna have to miss this one. Going to the Copper Canyon in Mexico on the moto that weekend. Give my spot to someone else.

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  23. Yep, after many years I finally got the event and time off at the same time to join in for the short course. my first time for this one.

  24. Hi Chad, can you please switch me from the short to the long course?

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  26. Can’t make it this year – was signed up for the short course.

  27. Eric Wilkey and myself Ian Wilkey are out, 2 spaces open for the short loop

  28. Hi. Several questions. 1. How long do most people take to do short course? 2. What is the difficulty level of the ride? For example, I have ridden Whiskey 30 and FOTR 15, are those comparable? Thanks

  29. >Flint

    If you’ve done the Whiskey 30 you’ll have no problem with this course. Less climbing, less mileage. 3-4 hours. The course isn’t marked or anything, though. I would plan on riding with a a couple other guys that know the course, or use a Garmin with the files above.

  30. cant make it pls remove from short. thx

  31. I was in for the long, switching to the short

  32. Thanks. I am trying to download it now, and will definitely hope to find someone I can keep up with who knows the way.

  33. I’ll be there Friday to camp out and most likely Saturday night also. I would like to do more of the AZT while out there on Sunday.

  34. Sorry, can’t make it.
    Please give my slot to someone else.

  35. Not gonna make it, have fun everyone should be perfect weather for it this year!

  36. Is the dirt road off of Highway 83 passable by a passenger car?

    • Jason the road is fine, just a bit of washboard. Maybe an easy wash crossing. I would take a Honda Civic on it no problem

  37. how bad is the catclaw ? will we need to cover out legs ? :)

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  39. Chad.. thanks for organizing the event. I really loved the course !

  40. Thanks for putting this on. Well done, and thanks to Tacobeer and Derek for guiding and riding with me, despite my slowness and mechanical troubles. Great ride.

  41. I was curious and either missed it or did not see it on site, how much climbing was the short course. thanks

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