Prescott Monstercross

Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Where: Costco, meet toward the back of the parking lot.

Prescott Monstercross is an annual Spring ride around Prescott’s world-class trail system. About 68 miles and over 8,000 feet of climbing in a big circle around the city. For 2022 the course runs clockwise.

GPX file for 2022

RidewithGPS link here


Use the comment section below to ask questions or make a comment about this race.  This ride is limited to 74 participants.

21 responses to “Prescott Monstercross

  1. GPX file doesn’t want to download. Is the route the same as it was in 2019?

  2. Will be there!! cheers!

  3. Water that is available on the route:
    1. White Spar Campgrounds
    2. Thumb Butte (either next to the restrooms or a bit further down the route there is a campground spigot)
    3. Gas station mini-mart on the roundabout right before Watson Lake gate
    4. Watson Lake south parking, water fountain by the bathroom.
    5. Peavine trailhead, water fountain by the bathroom

    Water slightly OFF the route – Goldwater Lake TH and Pioneer Park bathrooms.

    The water SHOULD be on in all spots… SHOULD BE.

  4. any recommendation where to camp/park the night before?

  5. I’ve never ridden on dirt paths before. Is this a good bicycle ride for me to learn on?

  6. DNF for me. I pulled the plug at Watson Lake today, about mile 50.
    Thanks all!

  7. Ian Nienhueser

    Finished 6:45pm

  8. Turbo and Freako in at 5:19pm. 8:49 total time. Me on ss. Duo couple. What a day!!

  9. Turbo and Freako in at 5:19pm. 8:49 total time. Me on ss.

  10. Awesome ride! great trails conditions!! defenetly coming back to Prescott.. total time: 7:43:32 .. ouch!!

  11. Hi there Bart, Jacquelyn Cully rode the entire course with me yesterday. Her Strava is set to private. If you have an email or phone number I can screenshot you her results and the map. She finished same time as me.

  12. Tyler P, DNF. Cut out at the top of Sundog back to the parking lot after 50.5 mi. Solid ride!

  13. on SS too!

  14. Holly Hovious was in a grated bike. Not ss. She is smarter than that. Ha! Thanks!

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