Prescott Monstercross


At 7:30 am on Saturday, April 9, 2016

Meet just east of Prescott at the Frontier Village parking lot on State Route 69. Look for Harbor Freight Tool, and please park toward the west end of the shopping center well away from the stores. There are many more post-race food and drink options here than at the old meeting location!

There will be two route options again this year! GPX files are posted below. This free ride is limited to the first 74 people that sign up.

Shorter route (miniMonster): 60 miles with ~7,500′ of climbing. A lot has changed for 2016 as trails continue to be built all around Prescott. This loop is now essentially the Circle Trail with deviations into the Granite Dells and Granite Basin for good measure. Anticipated completion times for this loop will be 6-9 hours.

Longer route (megaMonster): 72 miles with ~12,000′ of climbing, showcasing the both variety and difficulty of the riding Prescott has to offer. While only 12 miles longer than the miniMonster, this route is MUCH, MUCH tougher. Do not underestimate it! This route will let you explore the western side of the Sierra Prieta and test your climbing legs, both on and off the bike. This longer route will no longer use 299, Smith Ravine, and 305 at the end. Anticipated completion times for most riders will be 9-12 hours.

Here are what the routes and profiles look like for 2016.



GPX files:

NOTE: Due to a concern about routing through some private roads in a neighborhood near the Dells, there has been a last-minute route change! Instead of going through the Dells, the route will now follow the Circle Trail around the Dells. This will disappoint a few of you and cause many of you to rejoice. To follow the revised route, download the third track below and follow that “shortcut” around the Dells.



Route Revision: Around the Dells



In the past, we’ve had cues, but they are a lot of work to make. For this year, use the GPX files above and the City of Prescott trails map, available here or at any bike shop in town for a mere $1. If you don’t have a GPS, ride with someone who does for the first half of the miniMonster. The miniMonster follows the mostly-well-marked Circle Trail after the first half of the ride, so beyond Granite Basin (~mile 30), all you really need is the trail map.

Water: There is water available at a few places along the course, and usually, these are all turned on by the beginning of April:

(1) Mile 14: Just off the route at Willow Lake after emerging from the Dells. Look for the brick bathroom building to the north. With the revision of the route around the Dells, this is slightly off-route.

(2) Mile 18: At the ballfields. Aim for the main building with bathrooms. There’s a fountain outside.

(3) Mile 28: Spigot at Cayuse Trailhead. This was already on as of 3/19/16. Fill up here…it’s the last water on course unless you want to drop a mile or so back into town on White Spar Road to fill up.

(4) NOTE…this spigot will NOT be turned on! Mile 47 (mini)/59 (mega): Spigot in White Spar Campground next to the bathrooms.

(5) NOTE…this stream was already dry on 3/20/16! For the mega, there’s a small stream at mile 40. A lot of riders have run out of water between here and White Spar CG in the past, so it is strongly recommended that you treat some water from this stream! But there are cows about, so don’t just dunk your bottle and drink!


Use the comment section below to ask questions or make a comment about this race.  This ride is limited to 74 participants.

120 responses to “Prescott Monstercross

  1. Me too, for the Mini.

  2. In for the Mini. Ouch.

  3. in for the mega mini!

  4. Ya alright . Mini for me

  5. In for the mini.

  6. Jason Rutherford in for the mini

  7. I’m in…might take a crack at the Mega.

  8. I’m 91% in for the mini on a single speed…

  9. I’m in for the mega!

  10. Charles Wilson

    I am in for the Mini

  11. I plan to do the Mini. Not sure how Mini gets associated with 59 miles, but I am doing it again. It was fun last year and should be again this year.

  12. When does the registration open up for the PMC? Or the comment section is the sign up?

  13. In for the long haul.

  14. In for the MiniMonster

  15. In for the Mega.

  16. Courtney Phillips

    Count me in for a Mega. Followed by a mega beer.

  17. Mini me!

  18. MINI!!

  19. Is the course still going up Iron springs to skyline? The logging is done. Not sure if the old trails are back . But the original route on the railbed is open . Just wondering?

  20. In For the Mini

  21. In for the MINI Monster

  22. Mini me!

  23. in for the sissy route.

  24. Brad Mattingly

    In for the Mini.

  25. Sign me up for the big loop, please.

  26. Robin Schwartz

    In for the Mini…prob ride SS

    Any suggestions on gearing?

  27. Robin, that’s such a personal thing, the gearing… I would personally pick 32×21 for that.

  28. Aaron DeAngelis

    In for the Mini!

  29. In for the Mini

  30. In for the MiniMonster, thanks

  31. Sign me up for the mini, thanks.

  32. Mini for me!

    • Hey, do you have a spare room or know someone who does for friday/saturday? THKS

      • Carly Watson

        Hey! We have friends staying with us that weekend to pre ride the WOR. I will ask around and see what I can find. I will be in touch….

    • Chris Jeffrey

      Thanks!! Any luck? and are you going to pre-ride Sunday? Was thinking I might do that before heading home.

  33. Barry Williams

    Please remove my name from the short route to free up a spot Sadly, I’ll be out of town

  34. Robert Bergman

    In for a Mini

  35. All details, GPX files, etc. have been now updated for 2016!

  36. Mini!

  37. Mini Please

  38. In for the Big Monster

  39. Mini for me if it’s still open:)

  40. Mini fo sho

  41. in for the mini…

  42. Chad, we need to opent this baby up for registration.

  43. I’m in.

  44. Eric Tittelbaugh

    Mini me

  45. if there is still a spot, i’d like to come out and do the mini!

  46. Fletcher Schuler

    Mini for me.

  47. FYI, as of 4/2 the water spigot at White Spar campground is dry. Any chance this will change by next wknd?

  48. Dwight Robertson

    I previously signed up for the mini, but I am out due to injury.

  49. I’m in for the Mini

  50. minime

  51. Jeff Glessing

    I’m in for the mini, but am new to AES, is this considered my sign up?

  52. I’m in for the Mini!

  53. Ok…quick updates for everyone on a few important details:

    — Water is ON in Granite Basin at mile 28 (next to the outhouse) and in the ball fields at mile 18 (slightly off course).

    — Water is OFF in White Spar Campground (mile 48) and will not be turned on until May 1 according to the campground host. This means that there is NO WATER AVAILABLE FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THE miniMONSTER route AND FOR THE LAST HALF (or more) OF THE megaMONSTER route. This is a LONG way, but given that this is an AES ride, you’re expected to prepare adequately and carry what you need. NO CACHING WATER ALONG THE COURSE, no begging for water, etc. If you are running low on water at White Spar CG, turn toward town and coast ~1 mile to a gas station for water.

    — If you skip the Dells and stay on the Circle Trails, your ride will be much easier, but you won’t be counted as a finisher

    See ya’ll on Saturday morning!

    • Kurt have you heard anything about the neighborhood in the dells on the west side of 89? Eric N. mentioned lots of complaints from residents about riders entering the dells there to Chris H.. Running 50 or so riders thru there could be a problems maybe? Just do want any issues between people and bikers

      • Dan, think we should just run it on the Circle Trail around the Dells? The only good alternative would be to head down to Constellation and hike over that high point to link into the Willow Lake Dells. I hate to remove the Dells completely . . .

      • Is that a private or public road?

      • Kurt I just saw your post. My only concern about riding the bike path. “that’s the original course” is 50 riders at race pace passing walkers and such. Really need to emphasize this to riders to put pedestrians before race results. The only dells option I see is at 89 and granite dells road go straight across down that little dirt road to flume trail. ove to willow dells the back way.

      • As far as private road Id say yes its a gated private community.

  54. Dang! That’s going to be a long haul on the Mega with no water at White Spar. I best put my big boy pants on for this beat down. Thanks for the info Kurt!

  55. Robin Schwartz

    Broke my wrist last night😦 count me out.

    No AZTR for me either😦

  56. Brad Mattingly

    I can’t download the GPX file. I’m also unable to enlarge the map here. Is it possible for anyone to make changes so that we can enlarge the map on this website?I did the race 2 years ago and had no problems staying on route. Looks like the route is a lot different than then but I can’t tell for sure because the map is so small.

  57. Michelle Falick


  58. Paul Dellorco

    Paul Dellorco, mini for me please

  59. Mini

  60. Elizabeth Schwartz

    I’m In for the Mini Monster. Elizabeth Schwartz!

  61. Elizabeth Schwartz

    Ruby Zitzer will be riding the Mini Monster on Saturday.

  62. Ok…my apologies for this, but there needs to be a last-minute route revision in light of the concerns Dan brought up about using private roads to connect the Dells. We’ve used those roads in the past, but if residents are already flustered about cyclists using the roads to reach the trails, we shouldn’t go there. So…

    Instead of going through the Dells, the route will now follow the Circle Trail around the Dells on the south side of Willow Lake. This will disappoint a few of you and cause many of you to rejoice. To follow the revised route, download the third track below and follow that “shortcut” around the Dells.

    There’s a short gpx file above that shows where the circle trail goes. Add this to your GPS, and when you get to the pavement above the Watson Lake boat launch, don’t go right and down to the lake…instead follow the signs for the Circle Trail. This should save 45+ minutes over going through the Dells.

    For the miniMonster route, this means that the ONLY deviation from the Circle Trail is in Granite Basin.

  63. I can’t make it this weekend for the mini after all. Sorry to have held the spot only to cancel.

  64. 1. I would talk directly to Chris Hosking about this.

    2. You could do Lakeshore to Over the Hill to Watson Dam to North Shore to Circle trail if you want to keep Dells in and avoid the gated community. You are knocking at least an hour off by skirting the Dells.

    Either way talk to Chris before making a change maybe.


  65. Brad Mattingly

    Thanks Kurt

  66. Charles Wilson

    Sorry got to bail on the mini Work is calling Good luck to all and what a great course

  67. Mini for me

  68. I totally agree with the route change eliminating Dells. It’s better to play safe with race 48 hours away. Hopefully some reroute through Dells can be worked out for next year.

  69. BTW, is Prescott CIrcle Trail marked as such throughout the route?

  70. Chris Jeffrey

    Is anyone camping? Where?

  71. Does anyone have the GPX skills to cut out the old section of the mini monster and add in the reroute into one file? and send it to me pretty please?
    or walk me through how I am supposed to navigate the course Via 2 GPX files since I don’t know any of these trails. Do I follow the original file and at some point load the new reroute then at the end of the reroute reload the original file?

  72. and full PDF map here, PCT is marked on the map

  73. I’m in for the miniMonster

  74. im in for the minimonster

  75. One final update before tomorrow morning…we got a fair bit of rain last night and more is in the forecast for later today, so if conditions are quite muddy in the morning, the direction of the course will be reversed to let the Badger and Sundog trails dry out (they’re nasty when wet). If the course gets reversed, I’ll also cache water for the megaMonster riders at the bottom of West Spruce Trail (#264).

  76. Dude Kurt that’s brilliant! I always wanted to alternate each year clockwise counter clockwise . I always got shut down on the reverse idea. I love it!

  77. Is there anyway to get the gpx file without a PC? Garmin Base camp and my Garmin 800 are not compatible? wtf

  78. Garmin 800 should be compatible. Copy the gpx file and paste it into the “new files” folder on your 800. You can do this on a Mac or PC…no need for any special software.

  79. I found the solution: All I had to do was delete the (.xml) from the end of the file name. Then the gpx file opened into Base camp and transferred to my Garmin 800.

  80. Courtney Phillips

    Yo shredders, with regrets I’m going to have to miss out on the fun tomorrow. Crush it!

  81. FYI…..As of 9pm it has stopped raining where I live at the Katahn TH area. These trails are unrideable after a rain for a day if not two.

  82. Friday evening MONSTERCROSS UPDATE: RIDING THE MONSTERCROSS ROUTE TOMORROW MORNING IS LOOKING LIKE A BAD IDEA. I was optimistic that storms would stop this afternoon, but it rained quite a bit more this evening, and I just was out and checked on the Sundog Trail, and it was *very* sticky. So I’m sadly CANCELLING the ride. Please spread the word.

    If you want to ride some of the route, parts will definitely be in good shape. A few different sections of the route are going to be too wet too ride include trails between Granite Basin and the Katahn Trailhead near El Freako’s neighborhood on the west part of the loop, the trails in Pioneer Park, and Sundog/Badger – these trails are all going to be too muddy to ride in the morning (and probably afternoon).


  83. If you find yourself in town and still wanting to do a group ride tomorrow, Ironclad Bicycles is doing their annual Whiskey 30 pre-ride and party. Meet at Ironclad at noon.

  84. Good and correct call Kurt. It was dumping in granite basin tonight.

  85. Eugene Gonzalez

    Can the PMC be rescheduled? Maybe some time in May?

  86. Rescheduling for May? Perhaps! I’ll look into it…

  87. You guys want to turn this into a Whiskey 50 pre-ride starting from Park Plaza Liquor Deli parking lot at 10? Not certain, but I think that would avoid most of the mud and not damage any trails.

  88. The Whiskey course should be good to go in the morning except for the first ~0.5 miles of dirt on Old Senator Rd. Stick to Senator Hwy for another mile and then turn right at the county gravel pit, go around the gate, and you’ll drop down onto the singletrack at the end of Old Senator Rd. From there, the trails should be fine when wet.

  89. I do need to get my Whiskey pre-ride in but wouldn’t all the other trails likely have been hit with similar amounts of rain

  90. Most of the trails above town (like where the Whiskey goes) are fine when they’re a bit wet. The trails on the north side of town are the ones that get really muddy.

  91. I might be in on the pre-ride I will check this board in the morning and see if anything has solidified by then.

  92. I’m in for the pre-ride or anything else. I’m riding my single speed somewhere today. 6022846095

  93. I will be at Park Plaza Liquor Deli a few minutes before 10:00 and could help anybody who is interested find their way around the new Whiskey 50 course with the adjustment that Kurt mentioned to avoid the mud on Old Senator. (Grey helmet, black/orange Trek superfly hardtail) 928925575three

  94. For those considering riding PMC/PCT clockwise. Turley has a much better flow going down, north or PMC/PCT CCW. It has many techy features, rock gardens and drops etc. that would be 10x more fun downhill as opposed to uphill. Unless your are up for some real hard work right at the beginning of a 60 mile ride.

  95. I signed up but can’t make it. So take me off the list please.

    Rich Walters

  96. Anybody have the Mega GPX file? Both of the links above are for the Dells ridearound, not the actual full Mega route. I want to ride this thing tomorrow and am desperately trying to find a GPX for the mega.

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