Prescott Monstercross


At 7:30 am on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Meet outside of Prescott at the Costco parking lot on State Route 69.

There will be two route options again this year! GPX files are posted below. If you plan on attending, please sign up below. This free ride is limited to the first 50 people that sign up.

Shorter route (miniMonster): 52 miles with 8,000′ of climbing. It will be similar to the 2013 route (shown below) with one change toward the end with a new trail will eliminate the rather heinous 299 climb. Anticipated completion times for most riders will be 6-9 hours.

Longer route (megaMonster): 71 miles with 12,000′ of climbing, showcasing the both variety and difficulty of the riding Prescott has to offer. This route will let you explore the western side of the Sierra Prieta and test your climbing legs. It’s only 20 miles longer than the shorter option, but obviously, these are 20 absolutely grueling miles. However, the views and riding are both absolutely incredible. This route will be unchanged from 2013, and the heinous 299 climb late in the ride will remain and be as painful as ever. Anticipated completion times for most riders will be 9-12 hours.

Here are what the routes and profiles look like for 2014:

PMC 2013 web

GPX files:

miniMonster (will be updated the week prior to the 2014 event):

Short Course 2014 v1

megaMonster (route unchanged for 2014):



NOTE: Cues have been updated for 2014 as of March 26!

Cue Sheet Caution: Please be warned that you also need to use tire tracks and common sense to complete this loop. A GPS is highly recommended. One section of the short course will be particularly difficult to navigate without a GPS. The long course will be fairly easy to follow using the ques.

Go west up highway 69, then right on Prescott Lakes Parkway just after ”In & Out.” Go down to bottom of hill turn right on Sundog Ranch Road.

Turn left into the trailhead parking lot for the Peavine Trail. Go across parking area and take the Peavine Trail to the right for just over a tenth of a mile. Then turn left and drop down off the railroad grade on another wide trail. Follow across bridge and up west side of Watson Lake. At the boat launch parking lot, look for the singletrack on the far side of the parking lot to continue east just above the shoreline. Follow the main trail for ~0.5 mile toward another boat launch. Stay OFF the tiny singletrack trails that go down to the shoreline (Fisherman Trail).

Turn right on the pavement to reach the boat launch, and at the launch, look for a trail on the left/north side of the launch area. This is the North Shore Trail. Take it, and follow the white dots. After some very technical trail, you’ll reach an intersection with “Steep” and “Steeper” options. Take either one down. Just past the bottom, look for a trail (unsigned High Trail) heading left/north up some rocky steps. Follow that. Do NOT continue east on the Over the Hill Trail. Continue west on this trail, turning left at the only intersection, until the trail ends at Granite Dells Road.  Turn Left on Granite Dells road, take it to HWY 89

Turn right on HWY 89 (busy and fast). Go 200 feet and turn left on Twisted Trail Road at an open (?) gate.  Take this road down and around, staying right until it ends at a gate.  Go around the gate and continue to Boulder Creek Lane.  Turn Left.  Stay straight on Boulder Creek until it dead-ends at a cul-de-sac.  Go through gate and head into Willow Dells.

Everything in the Dells is left turns.  Turn Left at first available trail and take it up over a slickrock climb.  At the trail just after the climb, turn left.  Take this around a mile, initially going east, and circling around the Dells until you are heading west. Stay on the main trail and avoid any side trails until you hit another large slickrock area.  Follow white dots across slickrock and turn left at the trail they lead to.  Take this trail up and out of the Willow Dells area going west.  It will end at a parking area.  Continue straight across the lot to find the Willow Lake Trail. There is a drinking fountain at the bathroom building just up the hill to the north. Take this trail 1.5 miles until you see a tunnel on your Right. Go through tunnel and under Willow Creek Rd.

Follow to double track turn, left on double track. Continue toward baseball fields, then make a hard left and circle clockwise around the fields. There is a drinking fountain at the building between the four fields. Head out the main entrance to the ball fields, stay straight, and go across the road into Pioneer Park. Look for trail north (right) of the dirt parking lot in front of you. Go up trail to singletrack on left and take singletrack until it ends at double track. Turn uphill on double track take this trail straight up hill. You will be looking directly at Granite Mountain heading West. Dirt road ends at parking lot on Pioneer Parkway.

Turn left on highway and follow it down road to Williamson Valley Rd. Turn left on Williamson Valley Rd at traffic light, and after, about 1 mile turn right on Dineh St. Take first left at stop sign then first right on Katahn, go to end of street. There is a dirt parking area and the start of real trails. Climb up #347 then right on #341 take this until you see gate on right. Take #347 and follow it down until left on #348. Follow 348 PAST gate on left; turns into #352. Bomb downhill to Mint Wash Trail #345 (watch out for other trail users!) and then go left up to lake. just before restroom, turn left turn on #351. Follow #351 to another restroom at the Cayuse TH. There is a water spigot at the bathrooms.

Look for trail #349 ~100’ past the spigot heading south. Follow #349 southwest, cross a road, and stay on #349 as it passes #350 and then begins to wrap back around to the north. ~2.6 miles after the Cayuse TH, the singletrack will cross a 2-track and then shortly thereafter join another 2-track. Look for Clark Springs Trail #40 heading off to the left. Follow it. Climb #40 until hitting a gate at Trail #37. Turn left and bounce down water bars. At next intersection, turn right on the quad trail #619, and follow this roller coaster down until an intersection with #620. Follow this under Iron Springs Highway until you are dumped out on the dirt Dosie Pit Road.

Turn left and follow the Dosie Pit Road for 2.6 miles. Then turn left on West Spruce Trail #264. This turn is easy to miss, but it is signed. Follow the singletrack. You’ll cross a stream (water source, if treated) after ~0.75 miles, and then begin climbing steadily. When you hit a jeep trail, turn left, and continue climbing. It gets steeper. And steeper. Stay on the main jeep trail until hitting a barbed wire gate at the top. Go through the gate, and then look for a faint, unsigned singletrack on the right/south side of the road. Take this. It is still called #247 here. Follow #247 on the ridgeline, ignoring all the trails that drop off the ridgeline to the left.

Eventually you’ll get dumped out on a dirt road. Turn right and climb up to the Sierra Prieta Overlook. At the overlook (the top of the climb), turn left on #366, climb a bit more, and then begin descending. Stay to the right at the next intersection. After a rather steep, loose section, you’ll hit a major trail junction.

Turn right on the unsigned trail #327. All other trails at this intersection are signed. The short and long routes rejoin here.

Look for trails #346/349 ~100’ past the spigot heading south. Follow #346 southeast. Then turn right on trail #332. Cross Granite Basin Rd and go through gate. Continue on #332 until Iron Springs Road. Cross road, proceed to dirt trailhead parking lot, and climb uphill between some rocks on an unsigned 2-track. DO NOT continue straight on #332, the old rail grade.

THIS SECTION IS CHALLENGING TO NAVIGATE WITHOUT A GPS. Climb 2-track for 0.3 miles, and then turn left on unsigned singletrack. Follow singletrack for 0.25 miles to a [likely] dry stream bed and turn left on the far side of it. Follow this old 2-track down for 0.25 miles. Then it veers to the right, and follow it for another 0.25 miles. Turn left onto another 2-track. Follow this for 0.5 miles before turning right onto singletrack. After 0.35 miles of following the most obvious trail, turn right onto a wider trail. Follow this south for 0.2 miles. Turn left. Follow the main trial for 0.3 miles. Turn right. Stay right at 0.15 miles. After another 0.2 miles, turn right onto trail #332.

Follow #332 south. Stay on #332 where it crosses #318. Then cross dirt Thumb Butte Road and turn right on trail #392. Climb south, up through some switchbacks, cross #326, and then turn left on trail #327. Stay on #327 where #387 goes left. Descend to a major trail intersection and stay straight on #327, which is the one unsigned singletrack leaving the intersection. The short and long routes rejoin here.

Follow #327, which turns into #393 if you just stick to the singletrack. Cross Copper Basin Road, and continue on trail #48. This follows a stream for a bit and then switchbacks up. Turn right on the two-track (#9401), and follow the two-track up, past where #48 continues right (DO NOT TURN RIGHT with all the other bike tracks – that is the Whiskey course). Eventually you’ll hit a gate, go through, and stay right on the singletrack. This is Wolverton Mtn Trail #9415. Follow this down, sticking to the main trail/singletrack at any intersections.

Cross White Spar Road at the end of #9415 and continue straight into the parking lot on the other side of the road (there is a water spigot just uphill to the left next to the first outhouse you’ll see in the campground). Look for trail #396 and follow it all the way up until it ends at Senator Hwy.

Cross Senator Hwy and continue onto the steep, loose Trail #299. Follow trail through a series of ups and downs until you hit Spruce Mtn Road. Turn left, and climb for 1.1 miles to Smith Ravine Trail #297, which starts on the other side of a fence on the left/north side of the road. Descend #297 to the bottom, cross Walker Road, and turn left on #305. Follow #305 down, through the campground, eventually again crossing Walker Road. At the end of #305, you pop out in a trailhead parking lot. Turn left on Walker Road, and follow this back to Costco. Done!

Cross Senator Hwy and look for the unmarked singletrack at the north (left) end of the dirt lot. This is the “new” Ranch Trail (do NOT take Trail #299). Climb this new trail for ~3 miles to the intersection with the “old” Ranch Trail. Turn left and follow main trail all the way down to Walker Road (~2.5 miles). Turn left, and you’ll be back at Cosco before you know it. Done!



Use the comment section below to ask questions or make a comment about this race.  This ride is limited to 74 participants.

7 responses to “Prescott Monstercross

  1. Looking forward to this event!

  2. I was just thinking about this. Will all the trail destruction I mean foresting in EP section effect us on april 4th? wouldn’t matter on the mega.

  3. Yup, we’ll have to modify the miniMonster route some. That’ll mean a few more miles and a bit more climbing, but so be it.

  4. My son registered/signed up for this last night. Please advise if you got a submission.

  5. Rode most of the Mega and some of the mini this past weekend as a 48hr bikepack that clocked in at 78 miles and 10,000 ft of elevation. Great weather high 30s to high 60s+, lots of flowing creeks due to the rains of ~December and January, and great trail conditions. We started from Highland Pines between West Spruce and Iron Springs.
    Logging operations on the west side of the mini monster were a bit of a problem… I missed those trails and look forward to the new ones that will surely happen…
    The new circle trail between the dells and granite mtn seemed to add more climbing and miles; we abandoned the course track because of development, but the new circle loop seems to work just fine..
    West Spruce (264) is a heck of a push up with a loaded bike! Been wanting to ride 264 for years! Not sure I will ever do it again up or down!
    Oh Smith Ravine how I have love the and it is descending so nice right now!
    Thanks for the GPX files for our weekend adventure.

  6. Yes EP should be no problem. Stay up high above the train tracks grade and you’ll miss the damage in EP.

  7. Signed up for the Mini-Monster, excited for the ride!

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