Prescott Monstercross


At 7:30 am on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Meet just east of Prescott at the Frontier Village parking lot on State Route 69. Look for Harbor Freight Tool, and please park toward the west end of the shopping center well away from the stores. There are many more post-race food and drink options here than at the old meeting location!

There will be two route options again this year! GPX files are posted below. This free ride is limited to the first 74 people that sign up.

Shorter route (miniMonster): 59 miles with ~7,500′ of climbing. A lot has changed for 2016 as trails continue to be built all around Prescott. This loop is now essentially the Circle Trail with deviations into the Granite Dells and Granite Basin for good measure. Anticipated completion times for this loop will be 6-9 hours.

Longer route (megaMonster): 72 miles with ~12,000′ of climbing, showcasing the both variety and difficulty of the riding Prescott has to offer. While only 13 miles longer than the miniMonster, this route is MUCH, MUCH tougher. Do not underestimate it! This route will let you explore the western side of the Sierra Prieta and test your climbing legs, both on and off the bike. Anticipated completion times for most riders will be 9-12 hours.

Here are what the routes and profiles look like for 2017 (megaMonster in blue, ridden counterclockwise; the miniMonster does the eastern half of the blue loop and cuts south on the red line):


miniMonster profile:miniProfile

megaMonster profile:megaProfile


2017 GPX files (finalized as of April 6!):
(follow the link and then download the file)

miniMonster track

megaMonster track

Monstercross waypoints


In the past, we’ve had cues, but they are a lot of work to make. For this year, use the GPX files above and the City of Prescott trails map, available here or at any bike shop in town for a mere $1. If you don’t have a GPS, ride with someone who does.

Two notes for 2017 route changes:

(1) The route this year will skip passing through the Granite Dells proper. Private roads prevent us from sending a group through a few critical access areas, and a big event at the Watson Dells the same day will mean the Dells trails will be crawling with hikers. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be new options to connect through this area for 2018.

(2) Near the end of the loop, you will cross Senator Hwy after climbing Trail 396. From there, you continue climbing on the Ranch Trail 62 before turning left onto Boyscout Trail (a rather rowdy descent). Ranch Trail is currently being rerouted in the vicinity of the left turn onto Boyscout, so the track may not be entirely accurate. Just keep your eyes peeled for a wooden sign at an intersection with a faint left turn. That left turn is Boyscout.

Water: There is water available at a few places along the course, and usually, these are all turned on by the beginning of April:

(1) Mile 12: Gas station on your right as you cross Highway 89.

(2) Mile 18: At the ballfields. Aim for the main building with bathrooms just off-route. There’s a fountain outside.

(3) Mile 28: Spigot at Cayuse Trailhead. This was already on as of 3/30/17. Fill up here…it’s the last water on course unless you want to drop a mile or so back into town on White Spar Road to fill up.

(4) Mile 47 (mini)/59 (mega): Spigot in White Spar Campground next to the bathrooms (spigot is turned on as of 4/5/2017)

(5) For the megaMonster, there’s a small stream at mile 40. It should still be flowing a bit as of race day, but it’s not 100% guaranteed. A lot of riders have run out of water between here and White Spar CG in the past, so it is strongly recommended that you treat some water from this stream if you do not plan to carry a few liters of water from Cayuse! But there are cows about, so don’t just dunk your bottle and drink!


Use the comment section below to ask questions or make a comment about this race.Ā  This ride is limited to 74 participants.


6 responses to “Prescott Monstercross

  1. I heard through the grapvine that the official circle trail is going to be re routed around Turley and Boy Scout trails with a new trail. Does that mean this course will use that bypass for 2018 ?

  2. I’ve opened the Waypoints GPX in Topofusion & Basecamp and it appears to be “empty”. What am I missing?

  3. No worries Kurt. We just finalized new plans for Prescott & are now planning to be there until early May – so should be able to make it to the big event in person!
    Looking at moving from Tucson to Prescott a day early to incorporate the Ripsey ride too šŸ™‚

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