Prescott Monstercross

At 8:00 am on Saturday, April 20, 2019 (yes, we know this is the day before Easter)

Meet just east of Prescott at the Frontier Village parking lot on State Route 69 (1781 AZ-69, Prescott, AZ). Look for Harbor Freight Tool, and please park toward the west end of the shopping center well away from the stores. There are numerous post-race food and drink options here, including a Subway owned by local mountain bikers!

Prescott Monstercross is an annual Spring ride around Prescott’s world-class trail system. Again this year we have a shorter and longer options showcasing the Prescott Basin’s best singletrack, the diverse scenery, the slickrock, the ridgelines, more new trails, and just a little bit of Bradshaw chunk for good measure. There will only be one loop this year – some of the trails used by the megaMonster in past years have become too overgrown to be at all enjoyable.

The basic details for 2019:

  • 65 miles of mostly singletrack – many of the miles are fast and flowy…after the first 15 miles. This rendition of the loop gets the toughest riding out of the way early on.
  • 10,000 feet of climbing
  • Yes, this year is 10 miles longer than last year’s “short” route, but we’re estimating that riding times will be 45-60 minutes longer. We’ve opted for faster alternatives to slower trail later in the loop this time around (meaning there will be no riding on the Dells trails this year).
  • Clockwise rather than counter-clockwise this time around – we’re switching directions! Logging in the White Spar Campground area has forced a significant change in the course, so we’re switching things up with some moto trail, a trip to the top of Spruce Mountain, followed by a 2,500′ descent on a slew of trails not previously included in the Monstercross route.
  • Expect the ride to take between 6.5 and 10 hours
  • All participants can get a post-ride $5 foot-long sandwich at the Subway right by the start/finish thanks to the generosity of the owners – mountain bikers themselves.
  • Water is available from a spigot in Ponderosa Park (mile 19; look on side of blue garage owned by the local water district), White Spar Campground (mile 22; next to the nearest bathrooms to the route), Pioneer Park (mile 49; in between the ball fields), and a gas station (mile 54). The Cayuse Trailhead water spigot that was on route in years past will now be 0.4 miles off route at mile 41. Water waypoints are also shown on the map below.
  • GPS is required for navigation – see file download section below.
2019 Monstercross elevation profile

2019 GPX files:

2019 Route GPX file w/ <10,000 points – click here to download

2019 Waypoint GPX file – click here to download


Use the comment section below to ask questions or make a comment about this race.  This ride is limited to 74 participants.


13 responses to “Prescott Monstercross

  1. so, is there a short option this year too?

    • The route shown on the map is the only option this year. The Forest closure in the White Spar area for logging threw a wrench in things. My guess is this year’s loop will take 45-60 longer than last year’s “short” loop for most folks. This year’s route is longer, but a few different sections (Emmanuel Pines, Granite Basin, and the Dells) have been changed to be much less demanding.

  2. anyone having trouble loading gpx file? All I get is .8 miles to load

    • Kurt Refsnider

      Martin, ugh, my fault! That was the version of the file from before I reduced the number of points. My apologies. Try re-downloading the file now – it should have 9500 points and should cooperate much better with your GPS.

      • Kurt are you going to be racing this? If yes, you should do it SS so we all have a chance (32×18). 😀

      • Kurt Refsnider

        I’ll be there, but I might not do the full loop a week out from the Whiskey. We’ll see. But I definitely won’t be on SS – I haven’t ridden one in 18 months or more!

      • Thanks for the new route Kurt ! Looking forward to the sweet suffering up Spruce Mountain.

  3. Greg Brandelli

    Any suggestions on where to camp the night before?

  4. Anyone have tips for navigation without a GPS unit? Either a written description or a way to convert the google map to Trailforks? Familiar with the area but want to ensure I stay on course and no GPS unit on hand.

  5. is the wildfire by the Lynx Lake and evacuation a concern?

  6. What a kick a nuts that was!

    Who ended up with the sign-in sheet at the end of the day?

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