Coconino Stage Bikepack


We will be meeting on Friday, October 18-21, 2019 at 7:00am in Flagstaff, downtown at ‘The Place’ (21 S Milton Rd). We eat a big greasy breakfast, chat a bit and then we ride! The actual starting time for the first stage (and every stage) is open-ended.

The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is pretty darn technical, and about 33k of climbing. The route is: Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus Mountain-Williams-Flagstaff. Those that have never ridden in this area, you are in for a treat!

Live tracking link will be on:

Carrying a SPOT tracker is optional. You can add your own SPOT to the tracking map, or rent a spot from at the following link:

The forum:

GPX: GPS and Cue Sheets can all be found here.  The file CLR18_v1_10k_simplified.gpx is the latest version of the route. The 2013 files are current for the cue sheets and waypoints.

For help uploading the track to your GPS see TopoFusion’s uploading tutorial.

Please note: it is very important that you upload both the GPS track (line) AND the waypoint file. The waypoints define where stages start and end, as well as help everyone regroup at the end of each stage. route description

Self Supported Stage Bikepacking

The Coconino 250 is a self supported stage bikepack. The usual rules for self-supported bikepacking apply (see AZT 300, CTR for examples), with one exception: there are locations on the route where stopping is allowed and as long as you are there, the ride clock is not ticking.

This makes the event into a quasi-stage ride. Riders may ride from one stopping location to another, then rest the night before the next ‘stage.’ However, stopping is not required at any of the points. The option of a non-stop ride is still open.

There are 4 stages, with 3 “stage stop” locations. The first two are camp sites, with no water or other services available (but fantastic views!). The third is the town of Williams, where most racers opt to share motel rooms. You can also camp on nearby national forest, if desired.

Each rider’s time will be computed as = the total time on course minus the total time spent in designated stopping locations. Because of this it is important that you carefully log your time in and time out. Bring a piece of paper to do this, and if you can collect a GPS track for backup, even better.

The idea is to promote camaraderie, lessen the physical ‘impact’ on participants, and also experiment with a new format.

The stage stops are marked as waypoints in the course GPX file and also denoted in RED on the cue sheets.


You can drool over some pictures on Scott’s website:

Please use the signup form below, and post in the forum if you plan on attending.


Comments, suggestions, heckling can all be made below. Or on the forum.


61 responses to “Coconino Stage Bikepack

  1. I am interested in this event, what time frame should I plan for on the ride, I was thinking 5 – 6 days, not sure?
    Thanks, Steve H.

  2. I plan on doing this one this year. It will be my first self supported bike “race.” Just curious, do the riders usually group together along the route?

    Bob Horn

    • This is a self supported race with designated stopping points each night. Once you reach the designated camping spot for the night your time effectively stops until the following morning.

      • Thanks for the reply Jason. I noticed you have done this one in the past? Any suggestions for someone like me that has never done one of these before? I would love to hear about your experience and things you would have done differently in the past.

      • Jason hanson

        This was the first Bikepacking event I ever did as well. In the scheme of things it’s not super difficult but there are definitely some challenges. Day 1 is pretty simple and depending on your pace should be done in time for an amazing sunset. The kind of stuff that takes your breath away. Day two is a longish day with a ridiculous hike a bike section up Mingus to top it off. If you can make it to the top in the light it’s an amazing view from the hand glider platforms. Make sure you supply heavily in Cottonwood before making it up Mingus because that resuoply will have to last you till Williams. Day three is another pretty demanding day. No resuoply till the end of the day in Williams. There will be an opportunity to filter water out of the river but no food. At the end of Day three another huge hike a bike section uo Bill Williams mountain. A lot of people get a hotel in Williams on night three. Day four isn’t horrible. Nothing over challenging but it sort of wears on you being the fourth day in the trail.

  3. Any changes to the cues or gpx for this year?

  4. Post below here if you are planning on doing the Coco 250 this year.

  5. anyone want to carpool from tucson?

  6. Tried to download the cues, returned an error message. Any help?

    • What error are you seeing? I get the directory list when I click on it and then the cues are in an XLS file.

      • It could be because I’m on mobile. I can reach the index, but the 2013 cues v2 loads an error message page. Not a huge issue, I’ll try on my computer when I have a chance. Thx Scott.

      • Ah yes you probably don’t have an app that can handle a spreadsheet. You could install one or just use a computer.

  7. The trackleaders links need to be updated to 2018 versions. I will post here when the 2018 registration is available.

    Also, Chris thanks for the reminder on Broken Arrow. That does need an update.

  8. Im coming to do this!

  9. Coming from Anchorage AK – landing in Phoenix Thursday morning at 8:30am (oct 4) and leaving Monday from Phoenix at 4pm. Planning on doing this as quickly as possible, for sure to be done by Sun evening if possible. Anybody riding to and from Phoenix around that time that wants to share a car? Also, where can I sleep in Flagstaff Thurs and Sun nights for cheap? Thanks!

  10. 2018 tracking registration link is live, also a new 2018 GPX file with the corrected Broken Arrow route on it.

    • Cheers Scott, it may be operator error but when I uploaded the 2018 track to my Garmin etrex 30 it only had the track to just past Perkinsville. So I uploaded the simplified track and it looks like the whole thing is there. It could be a problem on my end though as the AZ T300 track ended just shy of Molino basin for me this year

  11. I’m in

  12. I’m in for ITT. I’ll start Friday afternoon, a few hours after the stage race.

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  14. Christopher Seistrup

    SPOT registered, I’m all in!

  15. Any chance of reroutes or the event being postponed due to weather?

    • Wondering the same…

      • Same. I got stuck in a thunderstorm on Anderson Mesa a couple of weeks ago which resulted in my first true encounter with DEATH MUD!!
        Not fun.

    • I would be down for the following weekend

      • Many sections of this route are prone to clay-type death mud. Sometimes people have organized to start in Sedona (delaying the Flagstaff-area stuff for later). And the beauty of these things is that ITTs are always open — so next weeked works too; I’ll keep the tracker going and you can edit your tracking registration to switch to ITT as well as update the start day/time.

  16. For what it’s worth, Jennifer and I will be starting on the 13th.

    • I think I will start on the 13th as well. I just changed my flight. Could possibly start on the 12th. I’d be happy to meet in the morning and say hi and get on our way if anyone wants 🙂

      • Jason hanson

        Jen and I will be at “The Place” at 7:00 am on the 13th. We’re shooting for an 8 o’clock start time. We’ll be getting up to Fkagstaff later on the 12th and staying in a hotel the night before.

    • I’ll meet you guys at The Place at 7am on the 13th. I probably will have already eaten and will just rally and ride after I say hi and meet you both! (907)242-4987 if you want to contact me for any reason. I am shuttling from Phoenix to Flagstaff on Friday and won’t arrive until 12pm or 1. Staying with a friend’s-friend

    • Going to try to start on the 12th now. Weather looks shitty on the weekend again.

      • Sounds smart. We’re changing it up and heading down to do an AZT 300 itt starting Monday morning. Hopefully the crappy weather clears out.

        Sent from my iPhone


  17. When are people planning to start then? Seems like there will be some doing it the following weekend due to weather.

  18. ….it is very wet and raining hard in flagstaff right now. 50% chance of showers tomorrow, 20% Thursday and 10% Friday. Dramatically increasing again for the weekend with a high in the upper 40’s on Sunday in the high country. Doesn’t exactly instill a whole lot of confidence for the Grand Depart for me. Still in “wait and see what happens mode” but losing my stoke quickly today.

  19. In order for this to work with my work schedule, I will be starting Friday October 12th… I will most likely follow tradition here and go eat breakfast at “The Place” at 7:00am then hit the trail after.
    If anyone is interested in riding with me please contact me at or shoot me a text at (435)668-2261

  20. Anyone giving this a try tomorrow? I’ve been training for this one and I would hate to miss it.

    Any thoughts on the conditions? I know weather is clearing up, but is that enough time for the ground to dry?

    Death mud sucks as it’s 5 steps forward, 2 steps back, repeat.

  21. I gave it a go…hah. decided to switch to time trial and try to finish in 3 days before the snow – that came a day early. Bailed in the rain late last night. DNF – maybe better luck next year for me.

    • How were conditions outside of anderson mesa? Does the route get muddy anywhere past Mingus to Williams?

      • I was able to push through Anderson Mesa on the first day and just the tops of the mesas were bad – still required constant cleaning and demudding. Just up from the verde the executors mud was impassable and the weather compounded it. Hopefully a week dries it out. good luck.

    • Yeah I’m curious as well… hoping things will be dried out enough by Friday. Hoping to get it done in ❤ days.

      That’s too bad you got hit with weather. I was watching you in the tracker and wondered what happened when you became inactive.

  22. Has anyone gone since the last attempt October 7? I’m hoping to fly down from Canada at the end of October and give it a go. Will there be snow at elevation that late in the year? Cold doesn’t scare me (Canadian and all) but that mud sounds like a deal breaker.

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  24. Tyrel Thor Fenwick

    I will be joining in this year.

  25. Billy McMillen

    Word:) See you at Pinions and Pines!

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