Coconino Stage Bikepack


We will be meeting on Friday, October 6-8, 2017 at 7:00am in Flagstaff, downtown at ‘The Place’ (21 S Milton Rd). We eat a big greasy breakfast, chat a bit and then we ride! The actual starting time for the first stage (and every stage) is open-ended.

The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is pretty darn technical, and about 33k of climbing. The route is: Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus Mountain-Williams-Flagstaff. Those that have never ridden in this area, you are in for a treat!

Live tracking link:

Carrying a SPOT tracker is optional. You can add your own SPOT to the tracking map, or rent a spot from at the following link:

The forum:

GPX: GPS and Cue Sheets can all be found here.

For help uploading the track to your GPS see TopoFusion’s uploading tutorial.

Please note: it is very important that you upload both the GPS track (line) AND the waypoint file. The waypoints define where stages start and end, as well as help everyone regroup at the end of each stage. route description

Self Supported Stage Bikepacking

The Coconino 250 is a self supported stage bikepack. The usual rules for self-supported bikepacking apply (see AZT 300, CTR for examples), with one exception: there are locations on the route where stopping is allowed and as long as you are there, the ride clock is not ticking.

This makes the event into a quasi-stage ride. Riders may ride from one stopping location to another, then rest the night before the next ‘stage.’ However, stopping is not required at any of the points. The option of a non-stop ride is still open.

There are 4 stages, with 3 “stage stop” locations. The first two are camp sites, with no water or other services available (but fantastic views!). The third is the town of Williams, where most racers opt to share motel rooms. You can also camp on nearby national forest, if desired.

Each rider’s time will be computed as = the total time on course minus the total time spent in designated stopping locations. Because of this it is important that you carefully log your time in and time out. Bring a piece of paper to do this, and if you can collect a GPS track for backup, even better.

The idea is to promote camaraderie, lessen the physical ‘impact’ on participants, and also experiment with a new format.

The stage stops are marked as waypoints in the course GPX file and also denoted in RED on the cue sheets.


You can drool over some pictures on Scott’s website:

Please use the signup form below, and post in the forum if you plan on attending.


Comments, suggestions, heckling can all be made below. Or on the forum.

33 responses to “Coconino Stage Bikepack

  1. Justin Manring

    Isn’t friday on the 7th?

  2. IN!! As well.

  3. Hey there. I’ve been considering riding the Coco 250 since my time there in early summer (wow! Such beautiful riding).

    I am confused at which cues and GPX files to download. Will they be updated for 2016? Or should I just use the CLR13 v.2 files?

  4. If you are coming, just post up here. I will add the link for the tracker from Scott a little later.

  5. I’m in

  6. I guess I’m doing this.

  7. I’m in.

  8. Mike found the 2015 tracking signup form, so let’s just roll with that:

    Please note the deadline for securing a rental: Sept 28th. We’ll need to figure out whether we are shipping them individually or to someone to take up, so please get signed up sooner than later.

  9. Hey Scott, and racers,

    If it is helpful you can send the spots to me in Flagstaff and I can take them to The Place and give them out race day. If you need to call me my number is 928 525-6088. I am not registering to ride the full course but may likely ride a modified through version about 50 miles less than the full deal, if weather is good. I can sponsor some out of town riders with a free place to stay if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor. You could leave a car at my house to. I live on the edge of Flagstaff. My number is above or you can email me at


  10. I’m coming along for this adventure. No spot tracker. Holly Hovious

  11. In to ITT!

  12. buildinglifestyleblog

    Artec here, going ITT. After party at my place!

  13. ITT-ing starting Saturday on the heels of kaitlyn boyle

  14. Slight change of plans. I to will be doing an ITT. Will start with the group but have a limited time to ride. Have to be back to work on Monday so going to try to finish up mid day on Sunday.

  15. Patrick Kinsella

    I’m in

  16. I don’t know if the GPS track has been updated, but Broken Arrow in Sedona has been rerouted.

  17. In for itt

  18. I’ll be there! -Dewi

  19. See you then. -Rufus

  20. The link above is for the 2014 tracker. 2016 is here and all ready to go:

    Wish I was joining ya’ll. Been too long since I’ve ridden the Coco-Mingo-Bob.

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  22. buildinglifestyleblog

    Nice job everybody, tough race. At least there was no dust… just mud :0
    I finished my ITT last night at 12:10am, 40hr 44min

  23. Holly Hovious time for ITT: started Friday am group start (8am?), finished Monday 3:32pm. That was challenging, but I don’t think I did too bad considering I was less than two weeks out from my first 100 mile foot race.Thanks for the adventure!

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  25. Hey all, Here are my times. I did the staged race and ended in Flag w/ Brian and Mike on Monday. This ride was on my list for a few years and I’m so glad I did it. I really dig the staged format. This SoCal guy loved riding in Northern AZ!

    Stage 1 – 5:37:21
    Stage 2 – 12:01:07 (Death mud and lightning Storms)
    Stage 3 – 11:06:18
    Stage 4 – 8:56:00

  26. Hello from Durango. I also completed the staged race and ended in Flagstaff. Big thanks to Greg and Mike for their support. Fun riding as a group and camping. My times are as follows:

    Stage 1- 5:53:46.
    Stage 2- 12:01:06. (Death mud and lightning storms)
    Stage 3- 11:06:19
    Stage 4- 8:57:00

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