Coconino Stage Bikepack


We will be meeting on Friday, October 8, 2016 at 7:00am in Flagstaff, downtown at ‘The Place’ (21 S Milton Rd). We eat a big greasy breakfast, chat a bit and then we ride! The actual starting time for the first stage (and every stage) is open-ended.

The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is pretty darn technical, and about 33k of climbing. The route is: Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus Mountain-Williams-Flagstaff. Those that have never ridden in this area, you are in for a treat!

Live tracking link:

Carrying a SPOT tracker is optional. You can add your own SPOT to the tracking map, or rent a spot from at the following link:

The forum:

GPX: GPS and Cue Sheets can all be found here.

For help uploading the track to your GPS see TopoFusion’s uploading tutorial.

Please note: it is very important that you upload both the GPS track (line) AND the waypoint file. The waypoints define where stages start and end, as well as help everyone regroup at the end of each stage. route description

Self Supported Stage Bikepacking

The Coconino 250 is a self supported stage bikepack. The usual rules for self-supported bikepacking apply (see AZT 300, CTR for examples), with one exception: there are locations on the route where stopping is allowed and as long as you are there, the ride clock is not ticking.

This makes the event into a quasi-stage ride. Riders may ride from one stopping location to another, then rest the night before the next ‘stage.’ However, stopping is not required at any of the points. The option of a non-stop ride is still open.

There are 4 stages, with 3 “stage stop” locations. The first two are camp sites, with no water or other services available (but fantastic views!). The third is the town of Williams, where most racers opt to share motel rooms. You can also camp on nearby national forest, if desired.

Each rider’s time will be computed as = the total time on course minus the total time spent in designated stopping locations. Because of this it is important that you carefully log your time in and time out. Bring a piece of paper to do this, and if you can collect a GPS track for backup, even better.

The idea is to promote camaraderie, lessen the physical ‘impact’ on participants, and also experiment with a new format.

The stage stops are marked as waypoints in the course GPX file and also denoted in RED on the cue sheets.


You can drool over some pictures on Scott’s website:

Please use the signup form below, and post in the forum if you plan on attending.


Comments, suggestions, heckling can all be made below. Or on the forum.

50 responses to “Coconino Stage Bikepack

  1. Post up below if you plan on attending!

  2. I’m down! Super excited to do this loop and can’t wait.

  3. I’m in. Can’t wait loved it last year.

  4. Ok actually I’m out. Friend’s wedding festivities.

  5. I’m in as of right now still working out details of about getting off work. Work always gets in my way of riding.

  6. Requested the time off, hope the dates don’t change

  7. Yep, Count me In

  8. anyone want to get a group together? planning on shooting photos during the whole route!!

  9. Count me in!!! Please don’t change the dates! I’mm putting in for the time off… Stoked!!!

  10. I’m in! Can’t wait to ride this loop again.

  11. In.

  12. Not in, but for any newbies out there, here is my blog post from last year’s Coco. Also links at the end to John and Ray’s. Should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. This is a really great event and will definitely be “memorable”.

  13. Most likely in

  14. Is there a new forum for this year? The Trail 106 sign on Mingus Mountain, just off FR413, has been destroyed. I have tried to fix it, but it keeps falling down/getting run over. The number and other stickers are not on the carsonite at all.

  15. I noticed there are several GPX/Que sheets listed. Which ones are being used for the 2015 running?? Any updates on water stops.


  16. Myself and my daughter are in. redemption for us from her 2012 attempt when she was 12. yee haa.

  17. I am in, looking at the best place to park my vehicle during the ride? Does anyone have suggestions?

  18. Last year a few of us parked in the parking lot belonging to the restaurant. We asked for permission from the waitress. A little informal but she agreed and I don’t think it was a bother.

  19. Most likely in…
    Days 2 and 3 are the hardest!

    • That is what i was figuring. Looking over the route and times in previous years that is what I thought. Didn’t know if day 2 was a little harder than day 3 by looking at the times and distances. Or day 2 just has more stopping due to more food options.

  20. I am in, if I can get the final approval on the days off work!!

  21. I got final approval, I am really looking forward to the event!

  22. I’ve set up the 2015 tracking signup:

    If you want to rent a SPOT tracker from us, please sign up for it by October 2nd. If you’re adding your own SPOT, we can add those up to 24 hours before race start.

    I won’t be racing this year, but I hope to get out and tour the route in the near future.

  23. I’m assuming CLR13_v2.gpx is the most current track and the one we’ll be racing. ya?na?

  24. I have unfortunately had some work related things pop up so I won’t be starting with the group. The good news is I will be doing the loop a week or so later and Jennifer and Shelby will be doing it with me. This will be there first bikepacking trip. I’m sad to be missing the group ride but super excited to be doing it with the wife and daughter. We will post spot tracker link when we get closer to our start.

  25. It’s looking pretty good for me. Hope it comes together this year.

  26. I am in. A few years back I went chased a wrong path early on during the first day and never fully recovered. I am hoping to correct that this year.

  27. Anyone traveling from Los Angeles area? I would be coming from Santa Monica.

  28. FYI the owner of the restaurant wasn’t happy about everyone parking in their lot…

    • Yeah, there isn’t that much parking there and sometimes ‘the place’ gets packed. The city streets just north and a little west (other side of the tracks) have worked for me in the past.

  29. I’m coming in from Florida for this fun ride.

  30. Pingback: Community Ride list Oct 3-9 |

  31. Looking for a ride to flag from the Phoenix area

  32. Does anyone know what the current water situation is at the top of Mingus?

  33. Not sure on the water — anyone been up there this season?

    2015 tracking map is up:

    Still time to sign up with your own SPOT. Too late to rent one.

  34. Scott, do I just post up here my no. on unit and my shared map? Thanks

  35. Tentative plan to depart Wed 10/14 or Thu 10/15 on an ITT. Location/time TBD.

  36. Anyone want to get together for dinner on Thursday night? 6:30? You can text me at 904 583 0688
    Jeffrey Tomassetti

  37. Great meeting all of you! I had a bad crash on Sunday morning and destroyed my brake lever and broke my handlebars in half! But I will be back next year for sure. Great couple days and a half.


  38. Please send me your times. azepicriderandrunner@gmail dot com so I can compile results. If you had a SPOT, I do not need a GPX file, otherwise send me a file from your GPS.

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