Kentucky Camp

When: November 1st, 2014 at 9:00 am (9:45 start time for those doing the short course) at Kentucky Camp, 40 miles south of Tucson. There are two options for this race, (1) a 29-mile lollipop or (2) a 46-mile figure 8. There will be camping available and a post-race party in the area for those that would like to camp and grill. Registration closed for 2012. Entrance this year will be a six pack of good beer! Afterwards, we will drink the beer (leftover beer will be used at future events in 2014).

GPX files and maps:

The GPX files are available on

For help uploading the GPX files to your GPS see:

Using a GPS is highly recommended!

long course overview map / profile

short course overview map / profile

Course Directions:

The Kentucky Camp Epic directions are available here for those wishing to do a pre-ride: (note that this only covers the “lollipop” portion of the long route, not the “stick” / out and back portion.

Detail topo maps for both courses are here:



Note the arrows in the above maps provided by to make sure you understand which direction the route goes.

Directions to the Trailhead:

Take I-10 east out of Tucson to exit 281, the Sonoita Highway / State Highway 83 exit. Heading south on 83, 11.5 miles from I-10, look for a picnic table/rest area on the right side of the road, turn right down the dirt road just after it, signed for Rosemont Junction (FR 231). 1.41 miles in, a cairned singletrack crosses the road. This is the start/finish for racing. A GPS is recommended for a pre-riding and during the event. Parking lot is on the left of the road, 1 mile from the highway, just before the singletrack. We will have a 1/2 mile ride from the parking lot to the singletrack.

Camping Friday and Saturday Night:

About 1 mile from said turn onto Rosemont Junction Road, there is a OHV area to camp. A few hundred yards pass this area, there is a huge lot on the left with a corral and some parking on the right side. Choose any of those spots.

Registration is CLOSED. Please check out our other events.


Use the comments section to ask any question regarding the event.

41 responses to “Kentucky Camp

  1. Registration is up on the website. If you signed in already, please sign in there also.

  2. it’s going to be a blast

  3. I want to change my entry from the 29 mile to the 46 mile race, thanks!

  4. In for 29.

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  6. In for 29. Think I signed up on the website too…

  7. Link to the above directions is dead. Is now here:

  8. That actually only seems to have directions to the trailhead.

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  10. I’m certain I entered Kentucky camp already but now I can’t seem to find that I am entered. Am I down on the list? My wife and daughter wanted to ride as well but in pretty sure they didn’t register. Can we get them in?

  11. Where can I check the registration list to make sure I’m on it?

  12. Carlos Carrasco

    I wanted to change my entry from the 50 to the 30. Thanks.

  13. I{m in Mexico so out for the 29.

  14. Im not going to make the event. I had a spot for the 46 which is now freed up.

  15. I can’t remember if I registered or not. I’m out either way, I got plans.

  16. Sorry, can’t make it. Signed up for the long course. Have fun!

  17. Chad, is there a way to sign up still since it looks like a few people dropped out?

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  19. I’m interested in signing up for the 46 as well. Would be my first AES event.

  20. Chad – If anyone drops out may I get on the waiting list?

    • Chad;

      I am not available let someone else in.

      Stevr On Oct 25, 2014 7:46 AM, “Arizona Endurance Series” wrote:

      > John Mount commented: “Chad – If anyone drops out may I get on the > waiting list?”

  21. jeremydavidjonas

    Hey Chad,
    Is this race totally full? I’d like either the 29 or 46, which ever has room for more.

  22. Had something come up so going to have to give up my short course slot. Everybody have a blast and keep the rubber side down.

  23. Please remove me from the short course registration list and open up my spot. A work conflict came up and I can’t make it.

  24. Can anyone who is familiar with the course tell me about water sources? The AZT website says their is usually water at Kentucky camp. Is this potable water or is at a tank that needs to be treated?

  25. There is water at Kentucky Camp proper, a spigot.

    Anyone above can come on out and sign in on the day or registration, still a few spots now.

  26. Not going to be able to make this one. Was signed up for the short course.

  27. If there’s still room I would like to participate.


  28. Something came up, won’t be at the 46 miler this year. It’s a fantastic route for all the first timers, enjoy!!

  29. I’m out…parental duties.

  30. Won’t be able to make the 46 after all. Hope someone can use my spot!

  31. All those that are not showing up, thank you for letting me know. Enjoy your weekend!

  32. If you are camping out tonight, bring some firewood, lights (if you want to ride with us) and any drink you want to drink around the campfire. See you out there!

  33. I am a first timer. I should be there tomorrow to do the short loop if all goes well I will see you all then.

  34. Sorry, but I’m out too.
    Be safe and have fun.

  35. I’m out for the short course. Please open my spot up for someone.

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