Sedona Big Friggin Loop

Sedona Friggin Loop

March 22, 2014 8:30am

We will be starting and finishing at Bike n Bean with beer and pizza. Bring $10 if you want to eat and drink. Bike n Bean will also be allowing us to use their parking lot this year! This will help with distributing our cars among the shops that are there instead of taking up all the parking at one specific spot.

Upon finishing, stick around for the post-ride party at Bike n Bean. Bike n Bean will be providing FREE beer; pizza will be available and will typically comes in waves of 4-6 boxes for anyone that pays $10.

2014 GPX available! SBFL_2014_v5.gpx

See TopoFusion’s Tutorial on uploading GPX tracks for help loading the GPX file onto your GPS.

Route Warning:
Due to the nature of this route, I strongly advise you to have a GPS with the GPX file loaded, and some of the maps below. Sedona is generally a well-marked area, nonetheless, as you will see, there are tons of trails that deviate from the trail (unmarked most of the time). I highly recommend that you either pre-ride the trail or consider take a GPS on the route. ESPECIALLY if you are a local and think you know the trails/route, you need a GPS. It’s the only way to be sure you ride the correct course. The route doesn’t necessarily take the most obvious or most ridden connections.

Suggested Maps

Available at Bike & Bean in Sedona


Sedona Map

Topo Maps of Sedona


Sedona Big Friggn’ Loop in Mountain Flyer


Registration is FULL. Please check out other events if you wish to ride. There will NOT be a waiting list.

Use the following comment section for questions, comments or heckling.

48 responses to “Sedona Big Friggin Loop

  1. GPX will be out in the next few weeks. We will be running clockwise, very similar route to last year.


  2. Wondering how bad the goatheads are over there right now. Back in the fall, rode Lime Kiln and tires turned into studded snow tires. Since late summer here in Burque, I’ve never experienced goatheads this bad, all thru the fall and winter…

  3. I never worry about goatheads riding in Sedona. Cottonwood is another matter. Of course I always run Stans so would never know I had goatheads unless I see them in tires. Lots of cactus in Sedona. Sealant is highly recommended.

  4. Charlayne Barger

    Does “FULL” mean the trail will be closed to other riders?

  5. I was just wondering how this event is full. Isn’t in a show up and ride kind of event?

  6. Sorry for the ignorance, but lacking the [forthcoming] GPX to view and not having much Sedona riding experience, can someone comment about water availability along this ride? Spigots, streams, vehicle cache, stores, etc.?

  7. Re: Full – I think this is one of those events which needs to stay under the 75 person USFS limit. 75 or more participants requires permits, red tape, much hassle. So, there can only be 74 riding officially. However, what you do unofficially is your business.

  8. I received the route map but I was wondering if there is a trail-by-trail sequence posted as well. Thanks Mark

  9. Couldn’t make the date work this year, but want to ride your route next weekend, where is this year’s .gpx file?

  10. Another [sorry to whine] request for the GPX file and a copy of the “route map” [as mentioned above] would be nice…

  11. GPX file will be available Thursday. We are getting a final polish by Mr. Topofusion, Scott Morris, this week. Thank you, Scott!

  12. Hi Chad, do you also have a list of the trails in the order that we’ll be riding them? I’m headed up there this weekend and will be riding it and I’m not that skilled at riding with a GPX yet – so I hope to have both to play with. Thanks.

  13. Thank you for another request. I had asked for a similar list of trails being ridden to cross reference the local maps. Thanks Chad

  14. 2014 GPX file posted.

  15. Scott/Chad, Thanks! Must be a full-time job to keep on top of all these events!

    • I second that!!! Chad, you’ve been running this for many years and each year is even better… and I’m sure this year will be no different!!! I miss the “Spring Fling”, but this always will remain the core of that experience!!! Thanks again guys!!!

  16. Emile Manansala

    Hey, thanks for the Gpx file. Any chance you have the trail by trail list as well?

    • Hey, this is Scott. The GPX has been well vetted now, but I am not familiar enough with all the names to create a trail by trail list, sorry.

  17. Are there any watersources on the route? If so what miles are they at?

  18. Re: Water – I know there’s water at Red Rock visitor ctr. [~mile 7]. I noticed on the sat view that we go past a large school at ~mile 13, which would be very convenient for a water top-off. Anybody know about this school? Not being a local, only other water I know of is the convenience store [Circle K?] before the traffic circle and start of Broken Arrow, about ~8-10 miles from the end…

  19. After you cross 89A, and have just started on the trail that parallels it, the trail comes very close to a stucco wall at Yavapai College. There is a drinking fountain, and vending machines for water, snacks, and soda on the outdoor patio on the other side of the retaining wall.

  20. All of here at the Bike & Bean are looking forward to seeing all of you. Chad, if you need anything just give me a call.

  21. Thanks Jim.

    V2 GPX file now posted, with a few minor edits to Highline and up by Jordon Rd. Please download a fresh copy before the Big Friggin’ loop day.


  22. Have 4 spaces available in nice unit at Sedona Pines if anyone interested.
    Mark 970 570 9867 or 928 653 4467
    Friday and Saturday if interested.

  23. loading gpx file to my garmin under courses by copy/paste. but it doesn’t show up when I disconnect and power on and go to menu/training/courses. have the edge 500 model that usually just displays a dashed line. help? anyone?

  24. Looks like we are changing the route and NOT going through Red Rock State Park. Please check the updated file, VERSION 3.

    If you need a map, Bike & Bean had the maps with list of trails on them. Swing by Friday/Saturday before the race for a copy.

  25. I’m looking at the V3 course creek crossing in Google Earth. Bridge or portage? And are those towels and bodies laying on the beach? Still might drop into RRSP for some water…

  26. And do we have to do the Circle o’ Death at 34°49’42.61″N, 111°45’16.91″W? If so, how many circles? What if we become dizzy and get lost?

  27. Just out of curiosity, why was RRSP cut out of the course?

    • New management at RRSP. They do not want our ride to go through the park anymore. I can understand. It might be a pain to send a ranger out each year to collect the $3 entrance fee. They have better stuff to do, I imagine.

  28. Again, we are making some changes to the GPX file….stay tuned.

  29. From Matt M:

    1. Slim Shady
    2. Hiline
    3. Baldwin
    4. Cross Red Rock Crossing
    5. Earl Rd (road)
    6. Chavez Ranch rd (road)
    7. Old Post
    8. Hirkenham
    9. Final Frontier
    10. Western Civilization
    11. Cockscomb
    12. Aerie
    13. Deadman’s Pass
    14. Mescal
    15. Chuckwagon
    16. Lizardhead
    17. Dry Creek rd
    18. Thunder Mountain drive (road)
    19. Thunder Mountain
    20. Teacup
    21. Jordan
    22. Jordan rd
    23. 89A (road)
    24. 179 (road)
    25. Morgan Rd (road)
    26. Broken Arrow
    27. Little Horse
    28. Llama
    29. Baby Bell
    30. Bell Rock Pathway
    31. Templeton
    32. Slim Shady
    33. BEER and PIZZA!

  30. Chad, we all really appreciate the bureaucratic hoops you have jumped, and are still jumping, to make this happen! Way to dodge all those slings and arrows…

  31. Chad, is there a way to access the Sedona Topo Map? It appears you have to have credentials to enter the Gallery site that the hyperlink takes you to and there is no apparent way to register. Thanks!

  32. Looks like I can’t make it this year. Have fun out there!

  33. the route is on the map at the Bike and Bean. we are happy to answer any questions at the shop today. Going to be great ride.

  34. emile manansala

    Hey Chad, have something come up tomorrow that I can’t get out of. Sadly, I will miss the party. Have a safe, great time, everyone!

  35. I have 7 spots for the ride that just opened up. If you are not on the registration now, just show up tomorrow and we can add you!

    • Please add Mike Mills, Eric Tittelbaugh and Rich Krueger.
      We are coming down from Flag with Devon Ambler (already signed up)
      All on geared bikes.

  36. Andrew Rounseville

    You can make it 8, I can’t make it
    Andrew R.

  37. Sweet! I’m in!! Can’t wait!

  38. Great ride, thanks Chad for putting this together!

  39. By far, the BEST DFL I’ve ever worked for! Got to Broken Arrow just before sunset, and up to Chicken Point just after the sun had dropped below the horizon. Llama and Slim Shady were a blast after dark! Thanks AES and Bike & Bean!

  40. Muchos kudos to Chad, AES and awesome folks at B&B for hosting! I liked the course so much [it was really my first Sedona area ride] that I repeated ~40 miles of the course Sunday morning, starting at 6:30, before the drive home to Burque. [You can log my Sat finish time as arriving back at the B&B at 3:32 pm, which is exactly 7 hrs.] – Barry Ritchey
    PS – It was also cool to meet bikepacker extraordinaire, John Schilling.

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